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Mafia 2 Demo

Mafia 2 is getting dangerously close to release, and as such a playable demo has been released. Out the last set of games being released this year Mafia is the one that has me most excited, especially as the original took me 3 years to complete. I’ve spent some time looking at the demo and I’m almost certain this is going to do well. The demo gives you a chance to play about in the city for about 10 minutes and gives a bespoke demo mission for you to try out. I haven’t written or said ‘bespoke demo mission’ for a long time, so everyone needs to give 2K Czech a big hug.

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Forgive me for this (I know Kid A won’t), I felt I had to do something about E3. This is by no means a sure thing of what to look out for, and what fun things there are for people to look at. I’ve glanced at the highlights and watched a few demos, and missed all the live streams. Except for Sony when Valve came on, but that was different. So, I’m not going to give you a full rundown of everything that happened and all the gushy details because a) I wasn’t there, b) I missed all the live streams and c) Most of it was console information, which I don’t really care about. Continue reading

Cold Neuroreceptor

That joke in the title was a bit pathetic, and I’m sorry. Not sorry enough to change it, but still sorry. A post on the PCGAMER blog was my first indication of Frozen Synapse (Get the joke now?), and then Gaming Daily did a little piece on it. I pre-ordered it on Saturday and I haven’t regretted it at all. Continue reading

Planting the seed of annoyance

It seems that there must be a conspiracy in TV network headquarters. This is the second post in a row where I got angry because of a show that I didn’t actually see. However, a certain site posted a quick piece about the Alan Titchmarsh show. Leaving aside the fact he’s a gardener and my confusion about the fact he’s not on Gardener’s World (I DON’T LIKE CHANGE), there was a section that was despicable to watch, which someone has put on YouTube. Only click that if you are actually an idiot and want to get angry, because trust me, you will.

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The Digital Economy Bill

Warning: The following post may contain a large amount of anger, and a significant proportion is about what the bill means. Those who are scared by either long posts, anger or long posts which contain anger should probably stop reading now.

I missed this when it was broadcast, but this week Panorama (The BBC program that looks at a certain topic, and tries to work out the truth behind it) did a piece on the Digital Economy Bill. Usually I avoid Panorama because it leads me to foam at the mouth, but I was very interested to see what the final conclusion was. If you didn’t see it, it’s available on iPlayer until this Friday (26th of March for those seeing this in the future. Just make sure that car reaches 88mph). Continue reading


Listen, I’m not just someone who’s a copycat. Just because every other news site has posted about it, doesn’t mean I don’t get to. Right? Ubisoft announced their new DRM a few weeks ago and, naturally, the whole gaming community shouted out that this wasn’t a good idea. There were thoughts (Paranoid ones mostly) that this was similar to the Bioware incident where they announced an awful DRM and were planning on backtracking it to something less horrible than the proposed system, but more horrible than the original. Looks like they didn’t. Continue reading

Why I hate PopCap

With the deadline for my computing project nearing, I have been trying to work as fully as possible on said project. However, PopCap, being bastards, have made that damn difficult. It’s impossible not to hate them when a deadline is looming and all you can see in your mind’s eye in the damn Bejewelled Blitz board. A typical project day for me is: Load up Delphi which takes roughly 24 seconds on my PC. Which is just enough time for me to play a quick round of Bejeweled Blitz (which takes exactly one minute, plus loading time). Which then turns into 5/6 rounds. Which increase exponentially. I hate them with a passion. Continue reading


Sometimes I wonder where all the love in the world has gone. As such, I’ve vowed to resolve this by telling people about Wolfire Games. They’ve been going for a while now (Their first release was in 2002), and they’ve made a fair few little games. I remember Black Shades, and which was when you played a bodyguard who had to look after a VIP from the dangers of zombies, knife carrying maniacs and various armed men. It was a real bastard of a game to play, and damn hard to play through, but was fun for when I needed a quick fix of shooting people. Continue reading

6 Pack minus 2 Cans

Within the next week everyone I know in Steam will be playing Bioshock 2, with its release round the corner. At the moment, it isn’t certain whether I’ll be getting the next instalment of Rapture, unless I can find another buddy to join in the 4 pack with me. With that feeble attempt at getting something from the internet, making me feel like a whore, I’ll move on. Continue reading

Get Keith Vaz on the phone…

Part of my personal philosophy is to always take another person’s view as valid, up until they bring in the idiotic reasoning to back up said view. As such, Keith Vaz and the Daily Mail may have idiot syndrome, but I try not to run to them pelting eggs at them, partly for the fact that I’m both a young person and a gamer, the two ‘dangerous’ things that they don’t like. Continue reading