Listen, I’m not just someone who’s a copycat. Just because every other news site has posted about it, doesn’t mean I don’t get to. Right? Ubisoft announced their new DRM a few weeks ago and, naturally, the whole gaming community shouted out that this wasn’t a good idea. There were thoughts (Paranoid ones mostly) that this was similar to the Bioware incident where they announced an awful DRM and were planning on backtracking it to something less horrible than the proposed system, but more horrible than the original. Looks like they didn’t.

The annoyance that Ubisoft didn’t actually take it back is a side one. They really do think that they are in the right here, but that’s just the usual thing. The thing of note is that it has worked (Partly). The crackers haven’t won yet (and that yet is an important one), so it looks like Ubisoft may have solved the prerelease cracking issue. The only problem is that it’s a bloody pain in the ass for everyone else. Especially when I heard about this. Oh happy day.

Turns out that the authentication servers are suspectable to DOS attacks (Denial of Service for you non-geeks. Basically means there were too many requests to the server that couldn’t be fufilled), or they didn’t allocate enough server requirements. In either case, Ubisoft were in the bad, especially as it took 9 hours for the thing to be fixed. Most people are quite angry about this (For which I can’t blame them), but the annoying thing about it is that this brilliant idea, supposed to stop piracy, ends up hurting the legitimate consumers more than the pirates.

However, it seems to be a race between the crackers and the pirates. Reading through This RPS post, it seems that Ubisoft will gladly include a patch to take it out if there is a widespread crack of the game available. Well Ubisoft, that seems to be…contridictory. Are you saying that you don’t want people to crack it, but have issued an unofficial challenge to do just that? If that reckoning is correct (Which it automatically is, because it’s mine), this stinks of stupid PR. The paranoid commenters (You know, the same ones as before?), are saying this stinks of damage control, especially since all the comments on the forum about the pirate versions are being kept, especially the ones that didn’t work.

It would seem that the boycotts haven’t fully worked yet, but the most important part of that is that if you boycott it, you have to fully boycott it, without even getting hold of it via illegal means. You can bet that Ubisoft are watching the trackers, and the more that download it, the worse that DRM will become. If we just don’t buy it, then we might finally see a decrease in the severity of DRM.

*However, there is some humour that can be gained from a crack not working. A pirate bay commentor has told people: “if there isn’t a good crack soon, I think I’m going to have to buy this >=(“. Return to reading.

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