If you are here, then you’ll be wondering about my review philosophy. I believe that a review is something that is a person’s experience of a game. I can play a game and think it is great, but it will only be my view. All I have is my experience. You can rant and rave all you like, but my experience will not change. It is because of that philosophy that you’ll never see a score at the end of my reviews on this blog. If I think it’s good, then I’ll tell you its good. I can’t say its only 50% good. If I did, maybe I should tell you to only play the good 50%. What is a percentage anyway? Is a game that is given 90% better than a game that’s been given 60% by half as much? Deal with it.

If you have any suggestions about things I should review, be it a mod or a full game, feel free to post it. I might listen.

Current reviews are:

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