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Another post on Piracy? Madness

I hate Wolfire now. Yes, they have a brilliant system for giving something back to the people who preorder their games, but they’ve also spent the past few weeks writing absolutely brilliant blog posts. Seeing as I don’t have the time to talk about them all in-depth, I’m just going to talk about the two they did about piracy, which you can see here (Where they talk about the Humble Pack), and here (Where they talk about piracy in general). Continue reading

To pirate or not to pirate

I’m a member of the PCG chat, and a topic of discussion which gets talked about more often than a flying dog is piracy. It’s been a while since it was brought up, but it suddenly started again today (Blame was apportioned to whoever mentioned Ubisoft and how they couldn’t play their game). An interesting quote I’ll bring in is from someone who said this: ‘To pirate, or to support evil DRM?’. That’s a good question. Which should we choose? Continue reading


An interesting question was put to me this week: What’s my favourite game? It’s akin to asking me what my favourite film/band/breed of dog is: Give me 3 weeks to think and I’ll still not have an answer for you. As it stands, Uplink, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead are fighting each other over a crown that even less people care about than a healthy dog with a bone. Even though I’m trying to work out which I like best, one of the things that’s always interested me is how people choose their favourite games. I know that makes me a sad man. However, I think I can narrow it down to several archetypes. I fully agree with the fact that everyone is entitled their own opinion. Only as long as it agrees with me.

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Trumpet Fanfare

The new issue of PCGAMER has arrived to us lucky subscribers. Seeing as every writer for PCG has blown their own trumpet on their blog about the articles they’ve got in, I’m going to do something rather similar. Granted, I may not have got a full article in. I didn’t even get into the letters page. But one of my angry tweets got in, and thus I’m a happy boy. I’m not planning on a whole post about the tweet, but on a letter a Mr Steve Rowsell sent in. The letter is about how consoles haven’t killed the PC gaming industry, but popularity has. What an interesting idea.

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6 Pack minus 2 Cans

Within the next week everyone I know in Steam will be playing Bioshock 2, with its release round the corner. At the moment, it isn’t certain whether I’ll be getting the next instalment of Rapture, unless I can find another buddy to join in the 4 pack with me. With that feeble attempt at getting something from the internet, making me feel like a whore, I’ll move on. Continue reading

Oh dear…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It looks to me as if some publisher has misunderstood the concept of games press release, and confused games with politics. Seriously guys, there’s a difference here. If you’re going to do a press release and tell us about your game, the stuff you do tell us, the stuff that is the whole point of the release should probably be clear. This follows the announcement by 2K about the DRM that comes with Bioshock 2. Now, I know I have the unwritten rule (I just giggled at that pun. Help) against writing about DRM. But the point here isn’t that Bioshock has DRM. It’s the fact that this press release has been done so badly. Continue reading

MP 45%

Here’s a question for you: Is a game with added multiplayer actually better than one which just offers a singleplayer? If you weren’t reading this on a blog, you might now rush to fill a pad of paper with a full thesis on the subject, either that or go throw a stick for a dog (As you are, you’ll probably just switch tabs to that video site about what happens when goats and dogs learn to fly) The reason I bring it up is because of something I noticed when I couldn’t remember what year Snowblind came out for the review I was write it. I looked at Wikipedia (Fountain of knowledge that it is), found the release date, and looked at the critical reception because I was bored. Apart from Deus Ex fans going ‘WAH! IT ISN’T DEUS EX BUT IT IS EVER SO LIKE IT AND I WANT A PROPER DEUS EX SEQUEL’ (Not that I’m cynical and think DE fans are babies), there’s a comment about how it was slammed both for a short length and a rubbish multiplayer. Continue reading

2009 again

I’ve been thinking about how little of 2009 I played. Most of what I played was in my list that was a few weeks ago, which makes me quite sad really. I missed out on an awful lot of 2009. Dragon Age didn’t show up until last week, L4D2 lies un-played. Does this make me a bad person? Seeing as I already was, probably not, no. However, I still slightly worry about the lack of new gaming I’ve done. Am I running the games industry into the ground? Are there poor programmers out at EA who are currently crying at the fact that there isn’t a poor blogger not playing the latest game from them? Again, I highly doubt that. Was 2009 just a bad year for gaming? Or was it something else? Continue reading

Rage Against the Machine

Me trying not to talk about hateful DRM when I used to get hit by it is like the Daily Mirror trying not to talk about Diana: It just doesn’t happen. I generally try to keep my anger subdued when I write on here, mainly because it feels like you shouldn’t see me when I’m that riled. But it’s impossible to not get annoyed when you get to the pile of crap that is Games For Windows Live. Continue reading

Games of 2009

After suddenly realising that the end of the last decade has appeared, a whole load of gaming blogs, from Gaming Daily (Who’s writers have decided that they should each do one) to GameSpy. So, in a desperate bid to seem cool and part of the crowd, I’ve decided to do a list of my games of 2009. Before you look down and think “Hold on, why isn’t [insert big release here] on the list?”, I either didn’t enjoy it or haven’t played it. Without further ado, here are my shout outs, in no particular order, for this year’s games. Continue reading