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Another post on Piracy? Madness

I hate Wolfire now. Yes, they have a brilliant system for giving something back to the people who preorder their games, but they’ve also spent the past few weeks writing absolutely brilliant blog posts. Seeing as I don’t have the time to talk about them all in-depth, I’m just going to talk about the two they did about piracy, which you can see here (Where they talk about the Humble Pack), and here (Where they talk about piracy in general). Continue reading

To pirate or not to pirate

I’m a member of the PCG chat, and a topic of discussion which gets talked about more often than a flying dog is piracy. It’s been a while since it was brought up, but it suddenly started again today (Blame was apportioned to whoever mentioned Ubisoft and how they couldn’t play their game). An interesting quote I’ll bring in is from someone who said this: ‘To pirate, or to support evil DRM?’. That’s a good question. Which should we choose? Continue reading


Listen, I’m not just someone who’s a copycat. Just because every other news site has posted about it, doesn’t mean I don’t get to. Right? Ubisoft announced their new DRM a few weeks ago and, naturally, the whole gaming community shouted out that this wasn’t a good idea. There were thoughts (Paranoid ones mostly) that this was similar to the Bioware incident where they announced an awful DRM and were planning on backtracking it to something less horrible than the proposed system, but more horrible than the original. Looks like they didn’t. Continue reading

Trumpet Fanfare

The new issue of PCGAMER has arrived to us lucky subscribers. Seeing as every writer for PCG has blown their own trumpet on their blog about the articles they’ve got in, I’m going to do something rather similar. Granted, I may not have got a full article in. I didn’t even get into the letters page. But one of my angry tweets got in, and thus I’m a happy boy. I’m not planning on a whole post about the tweet, but on a letter a Mr Steve Rowsell sent in. The letter is about how consoles haven’t killed the PC gaming industry, but popularity has. What an interesting idea.

Continue reading

Rage Against the Machine

Me trying not to talk about hateful DRM when I used to get hit by it is like the Daily Mirror trying not to talk about Diana: It just doesn’t happen. I generally try to keep my anger subdued when I write on here, mainly because it feels like you shouldn’t see me when I’m that riled. But it’s impossible to not get annoyed when you get to the pile of crap that is Games For Windows Live. Continue reading

How To Play: Yo ho ho

If you read last weeks How To (And if not, why not?), you might have noticed a quick throwaway comment about DRM. To be fair, I’ve spent the past week deciding which part of the blog this goes into. After a long bout of deliberation, I’m putting it down as a How To, not an observation. Why? Because if I put it down as an observation, you might get a long post about why DRM should be shot in the kneecaps, thrown to the lions with a neon sign on it telling the lions to take their time and have fun with it[1]. Apologies for how violent that sounds (And the crudeness of the alternate) but DRM is one of those buttons with me. You know, the one that causes you to froth at the mouth and start clawing on the windows at Shopping Centres? Continue reading