6 Pack minus 2 Cans

Within the next week everyone I know in Steam will be playing Bioshock 2, with its release round the corner. At the moment, it isn’t certain whether I’ll be getting the next instalment of Rapture, unless I can find another buddy to join in the 4 pack with me. With that feeble attempt at getting something from the internet, making me feel like a whore, I’ll move on.

A while ago, I wrote all about why collector packs are amazing. I also think that Steam’s 4 packs are amazing but only slightly less so, and that’s only because trying to organise friends from the chatroom I live in is like getting a big fish, cutting it into small pieces, throwing half of them away and trying to put the full original fish back together with the remaining pieces. Yes it’s still half a fish, but it’s a needless step for no reason other than craziness.

This is the second one that I know of from Steam, the first when Left 4 Dead 2 was nearing release. If Valve were good people they’d release their actual sale figures (Which I don’t think they’ve ever done) and then we could see how much money that made them. The idea behind this is to save us poor gamers some money, and also (Especially in the case of L4D2) save us the hassle of finding a bunch of people who we know are nice and friendly. Well, people we know anyway. Seeing as a big portion of Bioshock’s hype included the idea of a multiplayer, Steam decided to add this in.

So why are these packs good ideas? Ignore the multiplayer and money thing. I’ve spent many days in my youth (Last year then) going round to friends to play the games they had. It would seem that gaming is social after all. But there were still occasions where we met up and played a game we all owned. A thread on ME2 ending is on my communities forum, and people are discussing their experiences (If you want to see the spoilers then have a look here). That there is my reasoning for big packs of the same game.

Telling someone all about that boss fight is more useless than a teapot made of chocolate containing arsenic if they don’t know the game. Try telling your parents all about that time you shot a zombie in the head, saving your partners life, and then try not getting a strange look. If you manage to do both then you either have parents who game or are paralysed. However, tell a person who’s played the game in question about it and they’ll high five you and tell you you’re awesome. At least I think they will, I haven’t researched it properly.

Giving gamers the chance to buy a 4 pack of the same game means you can be certain that 4 people will be playing that game, and most important of all, talking about it. The L4D 4 pack and Bioshock 4 pack (I hope) are both going to be part of my gaming collection, and even though I only get one game, I’m glad I was a part of it.

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