Forgive me for this (I know Kid A won’t), I felt I had to do something about E3. This is by no means a sure thing of what to look out for, and what fun things there are for people to look at. I’ve glanced at the highlights and watched a few demos, and missed all the live streams. Except for Sony when Valve came on, but that was different. So, I’m not going to give you a full rundown of everything that happened and all the gushy details because a) I wasn’t there, b) I missed all the live streams and c) Most of it was console information, which I don’t really care about.

For starters, I saw an interview with Peter Molyneux, of Lionhead Games, talking about Fable 3 The first thing that the interview speaks about is the story of Fable 3. You’re the son/daughter of the protagonist in Fable 2. You also have 2 brothers, and one is evil. What!? Seriously? Is that the best you could come up with? Ah well, at least he isn’t the antagonis- Oh my God, he is.

While the interview is going on, there’s some nice gameplay being shown, showing two of the most important features in my opinion: The dog, and the ability to kick chickens. The other is that it looks almost exactly like Fable 2. I can’t really see much of an engine update in terms of graphics, though this is a good thing in my eyes. I don’t think we need to carry on the graphics race any longer.

This brother that you have has become an evil oppressive tyrant, and your job is to get enough followers to take him down. It seems that the first half of the game revolves around this collecting of followers. It seems that the damn interaction system (Which is back of course) actually has some use now. The interesting thing that Molyneux said is that these followers make you stronger, or affect your game play. I hope this means no escort missions.

What actually really excited me was the Sanctuary. Not content with that boring pause menu, hitting the [insert keyboard shortcut] button will take you to this Sanctuary, where John Cleese is your butler. Why he felt he had to tell us this I’ll never understand. Although this now means that you’ll have to load up a new area, it seems to load very quickly, making me wonder if this just means wasted memory resources to achieve this.

The typical RPG shows though, in that everything levels up. Your gun, melee weapon and the spells you use will level up and mould themselves to your playstyle. I have my doubts but I’ll live. This 3 attack system shows itself in the combat. You’ll be able to have 3 buttons for each attack, and thus string together a combo of swords, guns and hellfire to destroy whatever it is that’s attacking you. Fable 3 has been given a release date of 26th October, which is the day after my birthday. Feel free to buy it for me.

Brink is something that snuck up on me. I’ve never really looked for an online multiplayer, as I still love Team Fortress 2. However, Brink seems interesting, mainly because there’s a story mode which seems like something I could get behind. It’s a typical resistance/security regime style story, but each side’s story will be unique. Not only that, each character and upgrades are unique.

There are two types of upgrades available. The typical aesthetic (Look at me! I have a green suit!) or the game play changing. It looks like the commando classes will have to earn their disguise ability, and stuff like scanning the bodies of the fallen to find out where the rest of the enemy is. There’s also a great tactical ability where you can switch to 3rd person and see around you when you’re hacking or whatever, and another brilliant one where you can sense if you’re being targeted. There’s no specific release date, except Spring 2011 and I want to know more about these abilities. I’m guessing it will slip. But I’m a cynic.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was the next thing I saw. Though it wasn’t much in the way of a showcase. What Ubisoft mostly showed was a quick trailer, where it makes a hint that Ezio (The guy from the second one) is back and is in charge. There could be some co-op, but I doubt it. And nothing was mention. The gameplay that was shown just showed typical AC. Ezio’s house/castle gets attacked by the Templars and he has to distract them. It seems that the use of 1503 as the time period means that cannons can be used to prevent a siege. Yippee!

On the subject of combat, the quick thing they showed didn’t have that annoying thing where the enemy just waited for you to attack them. They’re now more aggressive, and the combat seems more fluid because of it. Also, you get a gun, AND get to steal enemy weapons. Though no mention of the DRM… Release date: November 16th

Finally, Portal 2. Yes. That surprise that everyone was getting hyped about? It was just that Steam is coming to the PS3. That is it. It wasn’t anything that you needed to get excited about, and Valve should’ve told all the PC journos this. Ah well.

And that my friends is my mini-round up of E3. I haven’t covered everything I wanted to, but missing the streams and relying on uploaded footage… Not my favourite thing in the world.

    • Nersh
    • June 17th, 2010

    Fable III I am certain I will end up buying, regardless of how disappointing it may turn out to be in the end. About the story, well, I think they’re allowed to get away with cliché plots like ‘your brother is evil king stop him nao’ because the whole idea is to create a fairytale world, not far removed from the worlds of Rapunzel and Goldilocks and all that lot, which is a step away from the typical D&D stuff of most fantasy games, and that can only be a good thing.

    Brink I’m not sure about. Me buying it, that is. I’ll see how the reviews pan out.

    • Brink I wasn’t expecting to interest me so much. It could be something worth looking at, and if there’s an adequate demo (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) then I’ll give it a go.

      Fable I’m not sure about. I watched my brother play Fable 2 on the Xbox, and although they nailed the whole world thing, I wasn’t convinced because there wasn’t this full traversable world like Oblivion. Oh, and that damn interaction system and jobs looked annoying as hell.

      • Kid A
      • June 18th, 2010

      And of course, if you want Fable 3, you’ll have to buy it from GFWL-GOD (an acronym that will also be appearing at the end of the new Deus Ex game) – because Microsoft have decided that, despite their platform not actually working that well, and despite them not being very good with PC gamers, they’re still going to force you to use it.

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