Planting the seed of annoyance

It seems that there must be a conspiracy in TV network headquarters. This is the second post in a row where I got angry because of a show that I didn’t actually see. However, a certain site posted a quick piece about the Alan Titchmarsh show. Leaving aside the fact he’s a gardener and my confusion about the fact he’s not on Gardener’s World (I DON’T LIKE CHANGE), there was a section that was despicable to watch, which someone has put on YouTube. Only click that if you are actually an idiot and want to get angry, because trust me, you will.

Okay, assuming you watched it (And if you didn’t, the quick precede is games were attacked quite viciously and with great ignorance) and have now gone and made yourself calm, you may be suprised to know that I’m not alone in my views that this was a pile of bias bullshit. I’m not a fan of swearing at my monitor, but I feel I have to. I was actually shocked at the idea of holding a debate where one panel member is an expert on the subject matter and the rest have no discernable background (Except the woman. I’ll come back to that later).

It appears that we gamers are still going to be bloodhounded into oblivion during most mainstream shows. Oh happy happy day. If I were a lesser man, the rest of this post would consist of me saying “TITCHMARSH AND ITV! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT!?” in various languages and typefaces (Believe me, I can do it), but I’m not. As opposed to the typical mainstream view of the depressive gamer who sits and slowly watches his life go from joy to pain when he realises he has no girlfriend and lives in a basement, I’m a balanced (heh) human being, and one who attempts an articulate and proper view based on research. Oh look, that happens to be most gamers.

So, as opposed to writing a full critical piece about the show, I’m writing an open letter to ITV, and I suggest that you do as well. Granted, I have a big advantage in that I’ve had 2 whole days to write this, but they don’t need to know that.

An open letter to ITV:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just finished watching a clip of The Alan Titchmarsh show from the 19th of March, and I believe I have to send this email to state how geniuenly incensed I am at the inclusion of the gaming piece, and the way it has been handled. I am an 18 year old student, and I run an amateur gaming blog at, and have been an avid gamer for the past 8 or longer years. I am amazed that on a panel discussion about the gaming industry and the effect of games, there was only one expert, who was forced to battle his way through prejudice and outright ignorance to make his voice heard before it was ignored almost immediatly.

I state ignorance for a very good reason. Tim Ingham’s expression when Alan Titchmarsh stated games were worse than movies because they were available at home showed 2 things about the chair of the panel: 1. That he had no idea that DVDs have been available for several years, allowing movies to be available at home and 2. That he was unaware of the rating system in place at the moment.

The ratings system is exactly the same as the one used by the film industry to protect younger children from playing games unsuitable for them. I can personnally vouch for its effectiveness. Only in the past year have I been able to purchase an 18 rated game, surprisingly because I was then 18. I faced the same problems if buying tickets for a film release or DVD. Alan’s remarks that films are somehow different from games confused not only Tim, but me as well.

However, what I am most upset about is the fact that the Jamie Bulger incident was linked without any evidence whatsoever to gaming. I believe that people’s views are their own, and holding someone in contempt for thinking things shouldn’t be something anyone deserves to do or have done for them, however, a fabrication as such is potentially libelious and reminds me of the incident a few years ago where a game was blamed for a murder of a child by 2 others, although it turned out the victim actually owned the game in question, and not the murderers as made out by the press. Such a link has never been proven, and when suggested previously it turned out it was false.

As a member of the viewing public, I demand an apology or a redebate to be held. Not only has it made out that all gamers are homicidal maniacs, it appears that a large amount of the evidence put forward by the panel was unsubstatiated and heresay. I would look forward to said redebate and hope a more balanced and well informed panel would be chosen.


Patrick Rose

If you hacked my webcam while I was writing that, you'd have probably seen this

Since that letter was not a post here, I couldn’t really go into the finer details behind the systems in place at the moment. I strongly suggest that you also email in and tell them what you think. What incensed me more was that it turns out that a panel member who ends with a seemingly random quote of ‘I am catagorically against violence as entertainment’ did some voice acting for a game that was not only bad, but violent as well (However, I don’t condone the fact people straight away went digging, unless someone recognised her name from said bad game).

It’s disgusting and pathetic that our hobby, and a professional in it can be treated as such, but since Jack Thompson got away with it for years, I don’t expect much to become of this.

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