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Left 2 Die?

With the computing deadline coming up quicker than a dog begging for the biscuits in your hand, Left 4 Dead 2 has been a fun distraction for when StRIFE (The actual project) has become a pain in the ass and I want to kill everything. Of course, a L4D2 match is the perfect thing to do to help save your sanity. As opposed to doing a post on how much I enjoyed playing a versus match last Friday, I’m just going to give a few pointers for those who may not have played it yet, or haven’t worked it out. Continue reading


Skipping Ahead

I have no idea how well Rock Paper Shotgun will take this, but I plan on stealing the ideas behind this post here. Hopefully they won’t mind too much or won’t notice. Even though they’ll probably get a pingback from that link. Ah well. In that link, if you don’t click it like a sensible person who wants to read actual words, the lovely man who is John Walker (Note to self: flattery gets you everywhere) asks why you can’t skip through a game. As befits a lowly egotistical blogger like me, I’ll answer his question here as opposed to on RPS. Continue reading

Open Ended

Not because I have a short attention span, I just started playing Spore for the first time. Leaving aside all the wonderful problems that it has, and the great game that it is, I was thinking about the whole Will Wright philosophy, and how it relates to the ideology behind both The Sims and Spore: the idea of not having a game, but allowing you to play anyway. Continue reading

How To Play: Low Down

I’ve been wondering what deep childhood event that I’ve repressed has caused me to automatically weep and sit quivering in a corner whenever the subject of graphics comes up in conversation: Yet again I feel drawn to write about graphics. I’ve finally finished Hitman (No thanks to you Craig) and looked at what I now have to play. This does of course include nothing, until I remembered about a game with cockney aliens, a half naked blue lady and a giant monster thing. Thanks to some randomer on Twitter, I can now attest to the name being Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Thanks to the wonders of Good Old Games (Which has a 100% track record with me so far, give it a try), I’ve now bought it legally, and am playing it through. Continue reading

How To: Shhhhh

I was wondering what to play this week as I’ve discovered that the last mission of Hitman is quite difficult. I’m still waiting for Mr Craig from Gaming Daily to get to this mission (He’s being playing through each level and stating how badly it went for him. It’s useful for hints on what not to do. The last one was here), so as I waited, I perused my collection and noticed Doom. The original, with the Thy Flesh Consumed extra episode. Who can resist good old-fashioned shooting of aliens on Mars? Not me, thats for sure. As I did all the wonderful jiggery pokery that you have to do to get it playing (I didn’t try it on Vista 64 bit, but I’m willing to bet that jDoom works), and remembered playing it about 7-8 years ago, when I was a coward. Continue reading

How To Play: Billy No Mates

As far as I’m aware, the Left 4 Dead 2 has finally opened to the public. The debacle that was the preorder demo release has hopefully not been repeated, and the world is now full of people playing L4D2. What a relief. This of course means that people will hopefully be playing together with friends and telling people about that time the tank raped them in the ear. I hope that people aren’t playing the single player version. I’ve tried this, and it just isn’t the same (It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Louis has that wonderful ability, only available to him, to whisper ‘Witch, turn that flashlight off’, and then run straight into it with his flashlight on). Continue reading

How To Play: Hard

Today I finally signed up for a Left 4 Dead 2 syndicate that the faithful members of the Java Server have organised. I had noted my interest, but noticing that the demo is about to be released for those who have preordered, I felt it wise to agree to this. The current fiasco that is the prerelease demo I shall leave for another time, but still, I think that L4D is a great game. Perusing what to write about this week made me release how I’ve managed to completely ignore this quite simple How To Play, which I shall now proceed to outline to you, the faithful reader [1]. Continue reading