Welcome dear readers, to the ramblings of a student gamer. What should you do here? Read. That’s it. That’s all you can do. Comment away, there would be no complaints, even if you think we’re talking complete rubbish and would like us to shut up. If you comment, we know what people want, if you don’t, then we will continue into the deep abyss of egotistical brain washing.

If you would like to contact Drug, the creator and editor (Ish), directly and/or privately about suggestions for me to review/play/talk about, then feel free to send an email to pjr0911025[at]googlemail.com or send a direct tweet to @DrugCrazed

Like the writing style that you see? Want a new writer for your site? Again, send us an email with your site and tell us what you want and we’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Usually, I will have a new post every Thursday, which could be about anything I’ve played/noticed/done this week. Feel free to subscribe, either to the RSS feed or using the email subscription to the side.

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