Oh dear oh dear…

I apologise for turning this blog into a Chucklevision tribute, but that was really the only thing I could think about doing. Following on from the unclear posting from 2k (Or Irrational if I’m being correct), Ubisoft have announced their new DRM. If you want the official FAQ (I’m struggling to find an actual press release. It might be hidden in plain sight), then you can find it here. I urge you to go and read it before you continue on with this. It’ll make your life easier.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article does in no way promise to not get annoyed and start using capital letters and bold font. Even if he shouts, he would like you to know that he still loves you.

If Drug’s law holds true* then 20 people won’t have clicked that link and expect a tl;dr version. If you want to avoid the angry blogger text, just avoid the next sentence. The tl;dr version is Ubisoft decided to be bastards. Trying not to say that was too much effort, I decided not to bother. That’s the truth of the matter: Ubisoft decided to become the worst type of  offenders in the DRM debacle.  The new DRM requires you to be always online. I’m being deadly serious here. From now the next Settlers game, if you are not online, then you can’t play. Remember that annoyed post I did about the fun I had with GFWL? That’s just my first problem.

I may hate DRM with a passion, but I understand it’s purpose. At least GFWL had an offline version (Or so I’m told). This DRM actually means that if you have a problem with an internet connection (Like I did), or you happen to be using a 3G connection on the train or something, your connection is just going unstable, and you’re rather likely to be unable to play the game.  Look at this line: ‘If you lose your Internet connection the game will pause while it tries to reconnect.’. Oh perfect, so if I have a problem with my connection even after the log in service that I’ll probably find is almost impossible to navigate through, when the stupid wireless card gives out I can’t even continue playing the game that I’ve bought.

My main issue is what Ubisoft said in an interview with GameSpy: When asked about what people were going to think, the response was “We think most people are going to be fine with it. Most people are always connected to an Internet connection”. There’s my issue. There are several people who aren’t going to be happy with it. We gamers are a pain. Officially. If you tell us what to do, we get angry and start boycotting (See every form of DRM in the world). If you give us what we want we want more (See Valve).

What I want is for developers and publishers to think about the damn things they say and make. Don’t assume that you hold all the cards. If I only made one person decide to not touch Ubisoft games then I’ve done the right thing. Fine, make your DRM, even if you make it broken (I give points for trying), but don’t make us gamers seem like your little peasants. We appreciate you’re our overlords, but you could still pretend that you aren’t.

*The amount of people who will click a link in an internet post is always the square root of the number of people who read said post. Named after it’s creator, Drug Crazed. Return to reading

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