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Another post on Piracy? Madness

I hate Wolfire now. Yes, they have a brilliant system for giving something back to the people who preorder their games, but they’ve also spent the past few weeks writing absolutely brilliant blog posts. Seeing as I don’t have the time to talk about them all in-depth, I’m just going to talk about the two they did about piracy, which you can see here (Where they talk about the Humble Pack), and here (Where they talk about piracy in general). Continue reading

Plot Devices

The Wolfire Games blog is one that I’ve been reading since preordering Overgrowth, and one of the staff wrote a post on the plot in their previous game (Lugaru), and how they’re generated. It highlighted something that most people suspect, but never actually found out for real. It seems plot is written to justify a game, not the other way around. So, why has this happened? Aren’t we all supposed to love gaming for their story? Continue reading


Sometimes I wonder where all the love in the world has gone. As such, I’ve vowed to resolve this by telling people about Wolfire Games. They’ve been going for a while now (Their first release was in 2002), and they’ve made a fair few little games. I remember Black Shades, and which was when you played a bodyguard who had to look after a VIP from the dangers of zombies, knife carrying maniacs and various armed men. It was a real bastard of a game to play, and damn hard to play through, but was fun for when I needed a quick fix of shooting people. Continue reading