Get Keith Vaz on the phone…

Part of my personal philosophy is to always take another person’s view as valid, up until they bring in the idiotic reasoning to back up said view. As such, Keith Vaz and the Daily Mail may have idiot syndrome, but I try not to run to them pelting eggs at them, partly for the fact that I’m both a young person and a gamer, the two ‘dangerous’ things that they don’t like.

PURGE! PURGE THE UNCLEAN Look at that nice image.

Good thing though, Tom Watson (A labour MP, but don’t hold that against him) has set up Gamer’s Voice (An action group. Set up on Facebook. Shush, just keep reading), as a chance for us gamers to shout up to our oppressors and throw off our chains whi- Okay, maybe there isn’t a gospel choir type thing, but it still is a chance for us to start our own action groups saying Ban This Sick Filth. It seems that the gaming community now has it’s own MP (Mr Watson. If I were a cynic – I am – I’d say it was a good chance for Watson to just shout out ‘VOTE LABOUR! I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU!’). I thought this would die out pretty quickly, like most gaming community ideas, but it appears that they’ve been pretty busy. Watson has been using his position to get some big gaming names and set up meetings about gaming. Several people have been doing writeups, and there’s some recording somewhere, but RPS have a nice long one.

I could add my two cents to this, but seeing as I wasn’t there I’d be a fool. This is something that I wish I’d heard about though, and it’s been needed for such a long time. Vaz, the Daily Mail and the other angry people can’t be beaten unless we’re open about ourselves, and these are the best chance for us to begin the long hard fight against them. While most gamers are well aware that we don’t actually kill real people and don’t play games because we like killing people, the mainstream aren’t so sure.

I can be an optomistic fool and imagine that the mainstream press will actually report that these meetings are going on, but I’m not a complete idiot. A mainstream news outlet giving evidence that gamers might not be psycotic homicidal maniacs? Madness I tell you. Absolute madness. What I would like is for the gaming press to actually tell people about it. PCGAMER put a side comment about it, and I had to go and check just now to see whether I wasn’t making that up.

All in all, I’m grateful for Watson for creating the group. I just wish that he made it a bit more obvious about what they were doing. Even someone just sending a damn message over facebook would do.

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