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They Just Don’t Tell ‘Em Right Anymore.

I uninstalled Bioshock 2 today. I haven’t finished it, I got roughly (if the list of story-related achievements on GFWL is anything to go by) 65/70% of the way through. Why did I uninstall it? Because I was bored. Not with sticking my massive drill through another poor splicer, or with launching fire bombs and telekinetically manipulated boulders at Brute Splicers and Big Daddies, no, that was all well and fine: I was bored with the plot.

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Plot Devices

The Wolfire Games blog is one that I’ve been reading since preordering Overgrowth, and one of the staff wrote a post on the plot in their previous game (Lugaru), and how they’re generated. It highlighted something that most people suspect, but never actually found out for real. It seems plot is written to justify a game, not the other way around. So, why has this happened? Aren’t we all supposed to love gaming for their story? Continue reading