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Losing the plot

It’s hard to see something like this in your RSS feed and not want to write something about it. That’s the PCGAMER website which has a wonderful preview (ish) of the new Driver game (Thankfully not called something stupid like D4iver). The plot for this game is of course under lock and key, but apparently the main character is involved in a car crash at the beginning and this is all him in the coma. Basically Ashes to Ashes, except without the vague notion of coolness. I had no idea this existed, but I have to echo the sentiments of Jaz about the feature where you just take over another car:

I seriously can’t believe this is the plot for this game. “Hey Bob, I’ve got an idea for the new Driver game. Instead of just having one car, you can like, take over people’s minds and shit.”

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