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Hey there. So, I’m writing for this thing now. I go by ManaTree on the ‘netz, but I’m not anyone big. Yet.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Why we all do the things we do? To do what we like in a satisfactory way?

So I’m here. Graciously given a chance by DrugCrazed to write.

And that is what will happen.

But first, let’s drop the srs bsns.

I’m currently an engineering student in the States with a huge interest in games and music. I’ve got very little to my name barring a review on the brazened Gaming Daily and probably random comments on the ever lovely Rock, Paper, Shotgun (random adjectives may have been used in the construction of this post). To give perspective, I’m essentially a no one. I’ve got several games I’m collaborating on, and a personal one I really hope I do eventually get out, but certainly not for a while.

It’s safe to say I have too many hobbies; I think this is because my mind is weird like that. It likes to take a passing interest in everything. My “feature” post, in fact, will be around what everyone in PC gaming can do to further improve its state, with a bent towards economics. My entire interest in economics and business is voluntary. Besides the obvious games aspect I’ve noted, my other huge interest is in all aspects of music. Finding music, making it (albeit I have issues getting it out of my head and onto a file), selling it (though just in theory), and for the last couple years, breakdancing to it.

And the best part, is that all of it can be applied to games, and vice versa.

If there is, indeed, wisdom I can part, it’s that everything is connected. One thing is all other things. And all things can be one thing.

Try that out for size.

No Post today

Apologies my non-existant readers, for the lack of a blog post today. I’m currently either a) In Hereford with family and no internet access or b) Working on my computing coursework, which is to be handed in next week.

So, you can go back to the internet and do what you were doing before, you won’t get anything here I’m afraid. I suggest you go to either Gaming Daily or Rock Paper Shotgun for your gaming fix today. Thursday everything will be back to normal. The giraffe is staying though.


As of this week, I shall no longer be writing blog posts about How To play anymore. This is for several reasons, but the main one is that it is far too restrictive to write in. The first few How To Posts that I wrote were ideas that had been spinning round in my head for several months (In the case of DRM, several years). However, I don’t think I can continue writing blog posts with the same regularity as my various observations on the subject of gaming as a whole, and still make a good job of it. To that end, I’ve decided to cease forcing myself to write them every week, and will add them into the usual regular updates.

To that end, I will still be updating twice a week. I like writing this blog, and I’m happy to continue. Although when I write this my reader count is quite small, I would still like to write posts well and coherently. So you’ll still see a post every Monday and Thursday at 10:00 GTM on the dot (Thanks to the wonders of scheduling). So check back tomorrow for an post on whatever I decided to write about.

My last request is for the people who read it at the moment. I am well aware that I’m a small blink in the blogospheare, but if you like this blog, comment and tell your friends to read it. If you don’t like it, comment anyway. Tell me what you don’t like, tell me what you’d like to see incorporated into my writing style. I’ll always read the comments, and I’ll always read and respond.