Video Game Violence – Do We Even Need A Debate?

This article, combined with Leigh Alexander’s comments on it, have provoked this post. The article is factually fine – some children are impressionable, and watching Modern Warfare 2’s sanitised, Hollywood War On Terror is, inevitably, going to create a small – and I cannot stress this enough, a very small – proportion of people who are going to look at it, think “Wow, this is awesome!” and walk into their local gun store the next day to load up.

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Hard Wear

At the moment, my connection is flaky and unable to connect properly. Am I bothered? Yes, seeing as I can’t play Team Fortress or write blog posts. But am I worried about it? No. I think I know what the problem is, and I know how to solve it, which is to buy a new wireless card and replace the current one. Continue reading

The Other E3 Post

You’re right, I’m not going to forgive you for that. My views on E3 are well documented (well, Tweeted), but much like car crashes, you do end up slowing down to take a look, even if only through the eyes of the people who have actually dragged themselves out there to excitedly tweet about all the shows they’re going to that you’re not.

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Forgive me for this (I know Kid A won’t), I felt I had to do something about E3. This is by no means a sure thing of what to look out for, and what fun things there are for people to look at. I’ve glanced at the highlights and watched a few demos, and missed all the live streams. Except for Sony when Valve came on, but that was different. So, I’m not going to give you a full rundown of everything that happened and all the gushy details because a) I wasn’t there, b) I missed all the live streams and c) Most of it was console information, which I don’t really care about. Continue reading

Tomb Raider: Legend

One of the most well-known of the modern gaming heroines is the delightful Lara Croft. Going from 1996, the series went on a hiatus after the shambles that was Angel of Darkness. It suddenly made a return of some description with Tomb Raider: Legend. Continue reading

Right. Yes. Hello? Hello.

So, as the utterly nonsensical,  grammatical minefield of a title may or may not inform you, this is not DrugCrazed. Do not adjust your routers, or put your fist through your monitors in anger: all will be well, droogs. I am James Greene, a.k.a. Kid A, one-time writer of Sixty FPS or Bust – another gaming blog, which was recently shut down by an unscrupulous dog’s gonad of a man named Jochen Klobe. (Am I allowed to write that? I bloody hope so.)

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Competition: Dogfighter

I’ve had very little time to spare this week, so this is a short one. DogFighter has just gone into closed beta. I’ve been playing with it, and it seems to be a fun timewaster. It’s rare for me to look at a plane game, but this was something that was free and worthwhile. If you want to try it, you’ll have to wait until June 15th.

But wait! What’s this? A competition? Well, I have a spare beta key for Dogfighter. I’m itching to try it out properly so I can comment on it fully, but I have very little time at the moment. I blame the education system. To that end, I wish to give this key away. However, you get nothing for free in this world. You have to earn it. To gain this key to Dogfighter, I require that you fufill the following tasks

  1. Download this. It generates a few words at random. Don’t ask why I made it.
  2. Generate your list of words.
  3. Write a brief outline of a murder mystery involving an airline or airport, using these words.
  4. Send your list of words, followed by your plan to
  5. Pray that yours is the best

That’s all there is to it. The competition will close on the 7th of June bang on 23:59.

A revue of Reviews

Usually I like to stick to the topic of gaming experiences, and how they can be bettered. Although I could, I feel compelled to talk about reviewing in general, and how the process is done and how, in a perfect world, it should be done. It follows on from the news that Quintin Smith’s review of Age of Conan was withdrawn by Eurogamer, which I noted, but then also saw the comments on the review and the journalistic defences put forward by everyone but Smith.

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Another post on Piracy? Madness

I hate Wolfire now. Yes, they have a brilliant system for giving something back to the people who preorder their games, but they’ve also spent the past few weeks writing absolutely brilliant blog posts. Seeing as I don’t have the time to talk about them all in-depth, I’m just going to talk about the two they did about piracy, which you can see here (Where they talk about the Humble Pack), and here (Where they talk about piracy in general). Continue reading

Edgy Combat

Mirror’s Edge is an interesting game. There’s part of me that wants to love it to pieces and there’s another that makes me wonder why I haven’t thrown it into the Satan’s pit that is the Recycle Bin. On the one hand, it does what it does well very well. On the other, it does the bad bits very badly. Continue reading