Steam Sale: Day 6

The descent into commercial madness continues.

I didn’t see this and someone pointed it out to me. Similar to Ghostmaster and Dungeon Keeper in the style of gaming, Evil Genius is £3.49. I quite enjoyed the demo for this and never picked up the full version. That mainly happened because I couldn’t run it. My PC was rubbish in them days. I’d love to pick it up but the problem that everyone tells me about is that it gets into a massive spam fest of enemies after about 10 minutes of gaming. Which I’ve seen happen and I don’t think I can deal with the stress. Continue reading


What the hell is going on round here?

Well, it’s time for a blog update. As you may have noticed, it’s not just me writing on here now. I’m still continuing to write my weekly set (After the sale finishes). I now have 2 subordinates:

  • Kid A, as he said is now writing here after a certain developer got his blog shut down for breaking a non-existant copyright rule.
  • TehHunter, who is a steam friend. Hunter was interested in beginning to write and I offered him a slot here. He’ll introduce himself at some point and we’ll see how it all goes.

As it stands, we’ll continue writing our set of reviews, news stories or whatever we want to write about. Seeing as this is now no longer a personal blog just for me, I’m spending some time working out how to make it reflect that there are now 3 people writing for it.

So, what else is there to mention? Getting the Sunday Papers mention a while back seems to have got a few extra readers, so it seems that actually write a decent article. I’m now throwing the odd piece at Gaming Daily. Sometimes they even accept it.

That’s all I want to say on the subject of the blog. Of course, comments are appreciated, as are twitter links and such like. Subscribe to the feed, or even use the email notification system on the side.

Steam Sale: Day 5

Welcome again, to today’s post. Just so you all know, I’m not going to be writing a proper blog post until after the sale. I’m hoping that by then I’ll have some good games to write about. Big hope though. Kid A will probably carry on with his stuff. I’ve also seen suggestions that if you are going to get non-specials, then wait until the end of the sale. They might get discounted further. Continue reading

Steam Sale: Day 4

Day 4 in the Steam Sale, and another day of specials and fun stuff for you to lose even more money on. Continue reading

Steam Sale: Day 3

So, as the Steam Sales continue, what is there for you today? Continue reading

Steam Sale: Day 2

Hello there all. This is a strange event, a post on a Saturday, without prior warning? Am I ill? No, just keeping an eye out on the Steam sale. I’m going to update daily and give you my pick of the set. You’ll get the whole list and any recommendations that either me or Kid A see. Of course, that all depends on whether Kid A can be bothered. I didn’t think of doing this yesterday, hence the lack of a post yesterday. Continue reading

Video Game Violence – Do We Even Need A Debate?

This article, combined with Leigh Alexander’s comments on it, have provoked this post. The article is factually fine – some children are impressionable, and watching Modern Warfare 2’s sanitised, Hollywood War On Terror is, inevitably, going to create a small – and I cannot stress this enough, a very small – proportion of people who are going to look at it, think “Wow, this is awesome!” and walk into their local gun store the next day to load up.

Continue reading