After the wonderful hurrah of the Steam Sale, I’ve been thinking that now is a good time to start to play these Steam games that I’ve now bought. First on the list was PB Winterbottom, which I was quite looking forward to. Until the damn thing didn’t launch. It was either a corrupted file (Which something was off with one file, but I digress), or I needed to do a driver update. I really didn’t expect it to take so long to do. I totally understand why we need graphics drivers. I really do. But for god’s sake why does it have to be as complicated as it is?

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They Just Don’t Tell ‘Em Right Anymore.

I uninstalled Bioshock 2 today. I haven’t finished it, I got roughly (if the list of story-related achievements on GFWL is anything to go by) 65/70% of the way through. Why did I uninstall it? Because I was bored. Not with sticking my massive drill through another poor splicer, or with launching fire bombs and telekinetically manipulated boulders at Brute Splicers and Big Daddies, no, that was all well and fine: I was bored with the plot.

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Steam Sale: Final Day

So, here we are at the end. Last set, and now is the time to buy all those games that were cheap. Of course, today is just an encore. They’re all games that were cheap before and now are back to that price so if you didn’t get them before get them now. My final suggestion after trawling through the pack is Kingpin, which is £3.49. I never had this, but my friend did and we used to enjoy it loads. Shooting people is fun.

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Steam Sale: Day 10

A new round of summer sales on Steam, although, depressingly, most of today’s offerings fall under “buy elsewhere cheaper” or “buy the much shinier sequel”. Perhaps we’ve just been spoiled by the excellent one-day offers from the last few days. Ho hum. I’m sure there’ll be some more, equally wonderful offerings soonish.

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Steam Sale: Day 9

I have to admit that this one is something that I really don’t know about. Beyond Good and Evil, available for the nice and cheap price of £3.34 (As an aside, I’ve seen it cheaper. As in, 0p cheap. You just had to pay for postage). I wish I had this before now and could talk about it properly but it got 100% in one review, and also I haven’t seen a bad word said against it. Continue reading

Steam Sale: Day 8

Only one bargain for you today. It looks like I’m getting to the end of the list, but there must be some more. Any suggestions will of course be taken. They may even get listened to. This bargain is Beat Hazard, which is now £3.49. I didn’t really enjoy the demo. I prefered Audiosurf, but it is worth a punt at that price I think. Continue reading

Steam Sale: Day 7

One of the greatest things about this sale is that humour that Valve are putting into it is brilliant. Taking apart everything we hold dear about summer and showing how dangerous it is… Nobody except Valve could do it so well…

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