Graphical Anomaly

I don’t particularly like public transport. Why? It means I have to spend time in busy buses/trams/trains, which I don’t like. I like to walk if I can. The Trafford Centre is a half hour walk from my house, or a 5 minute bus journey. I’d much rather walk. I save money, get exercise, and usually get to think. I’ve written songs, essays and various other things while walking. Now, that might just seem a random start for you, but most of this article was written on one of my walks. Well, planned. Whatever. The real reason I mention it is because I noticed something when I was walking and I overheard some people speaking. I can’t remember the full conversation, nor why I was listening in, but it was about how amazing the latest Need for Speed looks. Am I the only one who doesn’t care? Continue reading


How to Play: Delayed

So, this is the first proper post I have.  Just a quick bit about myself. I’m an Upper Sixth student who’s been playing games for about 10 years now. So I’m probably a young whippersnapper to most gamers. But dammit, I enjoy gaming. And thats what games are for right? So, I’ve been playing for a while, and over the past few weeks have spent some time at Gaming Daily, reading and thinking “Why the hell am I not doing this? If someone who doesn’t even seem like a professional journalist can run a blog that good, maybe I should give it a go’. Which I am. And here is the result. Continue reading


As per usual, I’m testing this blog. I now have 2 blogs. One here and this lovely site that you’re looking at. Hows about a link. One right here.

This blog is called How To Play. It centres around methods of gameplay, that you might not have considered. It also covers what I’m currently playing, what I think of it, and how much I hate DRM.

The OTHER blog (You want another link?), is a blog about any coding that I do. The reason the two are seperate is because, erm… Yeah. Thats why. So please, read both, and comment on both.