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Since I decided to start this blog, one of the thoughts that keeps popping through my head is ‘Should I start reviewing games?’, and I’m torn about how to answer myself. It would appear that the only way for me to be shut up is by asking myself difficult questions. Who’d have thunk it? As you’ll have noticed throughout the blog, I haven’t written any reviews about anything. Usually, I drop hints about what I’m currently playing. I’ve had many an internal argument about whether I should up my game a bit and start to review them. Continue reading

Red Tide

Although I’ve been waiting for Craig to finally play through the later Hitman Blood Money missions, I’ve still been working through them, and last week finished them. I’ve discovered that I have two ways of playing through any mission, with the latter evolving from when I fail the first method quite badly. It’s an interesting experience to look back on a game like Hitman and see what stupid mistakes you made (Probably why Craig did it actually…), and one that I hope to repeat later on in my gaming career. Continue reading

No Press

Well this has been an interesting week for PC Gaming hasn’t it? Who’d have thought that the release of a game could cause so much havoc in the gaming world (If by now, you haven’t guessed that this is about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then here’s the sentence pointing this out)? And it’s caused a bit of a stir in the non-gaming world as well hasn’t it? Well, thank you Activision. Not only have you made the outside world hate gaming more and pissed off several gamers, you’ve also buggered up my schedule. Thanks! Continue reading

Again again!

This week I was forced to tidy out my room on pain of death. It was a painful experience, and as such I wish to never do it again. But I discovered my copy of Warcraft 3 during this tidy, and you know what, I wished to play it again. Of course, thanks to my inordinatly busy schedule (What? Team Fortress isn’t going to play itself!) I haven’t got round to installing it. However, I just wondered how many games are just left to be found years later when forced to do something that they wished they didn’t have to do (Bitterness is something I would never admit to). I can’t help but wonder what happens to finished games. There are several games that I forgot I actually had. Warcraft isn’t the only one. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is on that list. Evidently I haven’t forgotten about it, but still. Continue reading

Big Baubles For Christmas

For those of you who read this blog, you’ll have noticed that horrible stench of a rant appearing in the appendices of last week’s How To Play in which I talked for far too long about the Bryron report and the outside image that gamers have in some media circles. I’m sorry about that, and I wish I hadn’t got so worked up about it. However, I feel that I should both: a) Give a proper post to the issue and b) Explain why I was worked up [1]. Suffice to say, if you don’t want any rage, anger or hate, now is the time to leave and wait until Wednesday. Continue reading

Dual Screens and Toilets

For those of you who care about my personal life, my hair was cut this week. Sitting on those rather comfortable seats while waiting for Mr Barber to finish his customer lead to the drafting of this post. Which was helpful. I spoke on the last How To about realism in games. However, there are some times when we really don’t want realism. There are some times we just want to play solitaire and have done with it. Its times like being stuck at a greek hairdresser’s that you realise that that DS that you bought was a damn good idea. I’m not going to be silly here and attempt a review of the DS. I’d need to research it properly, and I’m feeling quite lazy this week. But still, I think its important to note what it is for. Continue reading

Graphical Anomaly

I don’t particularly like public transport. Why? It means I have to spend time in busy buses/trams/trains, which I don’t like. I like to walk if I can. The Trafford Centre is a half hour walk from my house, or a 5 minute bus journey. I’d much rather walk. I save money, get exercise, and usually get to think. I’ve written songs, essays and various other things while walking. Now, that might just seem a random start for you, but most of this article was written on one of my walks. Well, planned. Whatever. The real reason I mention it is because I noticed something when I was walking and I overheard some people speaking. I can’t remember the full conversation, nor why I was listening in, but it was about how amazing the latest Need for Speed looks. Am I the only one who doesn’t care? Continue reading