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Edgy Combat

Mirror’s Edge is an interesting game. There’s part of me that wants to love it to pieces and there’s another that makes me wonder why I haven’t thrown it into the Satan’s pit that is the Recycle Bin. On the one hand, it does what it does well very well. On the other, it does the bad bits very badly. Continue reading

Plot Devices

The Wolfire Games blog is one that I’ve been reading since preordering Overgrowth, and one of the staff wrote a post on the plot in their previous game (Lugaru), and how they’re generated. It highlighted something that most people suspect, but never actually found out for real. It seems plot is written to justify a game, not the other way around. So, why has this happened? Aren’t we all supposed to love gaming for their story? Continue reading

To pirate or not to pirate

I’m a member of the PCG chat, and a topic of discussion which gets talked about more often than a flying dog is piracy. It’s been a while since it was brought up, but it suddenly started again today (Blame was apportioned to whoever mentioned Ubisoft and how they couldn’t play their game). An interesting quote I’ll bring in is from someone who said this: ‘To pirate, or to support evil DRM?’. That’s a good question. Which should we choose? Continue reading

PC Gamer LIVE!!!

This week I went to the PC GAMER:LIVE event, which was the first time I’ve ever been to a LAN event. Some people might wonder why I bring it up, but it’s certainly something I want to talk about. Those who’ve never heard of LAN events, it’s basically a chance for several people to come together with PCs (Though they were provided for us this time), and beat each other at games. Why am I talking about it? Because I realised something while I was there. I was playing Team Fortress with the Java Server peeps (Those that could get there anyway. All 6 of us. Sigh), which I could’ve done at home in my room on my PC. Yet I’d made my way into Manchester and played there instead. Why would I do that? Continue reading

Genre Breaker

Although I’m planning on continuing my play through of Hitman, I won’t be today because something apparent came up in the next level (The fact that I can’t finish it has absolutely nothing to do with it. No sir) that I’ve got to somehow complete. There are times when amazing games are let down by a very poor decisions, and I’ve just hit one of the most annoying types: A sudden change of genre.

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An interesting question was put to me this week: What’s my favourite game? It’s akin to asking me what my favourite film/band/breed of dog is: Give me 3 weeks to think and I’ll still not have an answer for you. As it stands, Uplink, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead are fighting each other over a crown that even less people care about than a healthy dog with a bone. Even though I’m trying to work out which I like best, one of the things that’s always interested me is how people choose their favourite games. I know that makes me a sad man. However, I think I can narrow it down to several archetypes. I fully agree with the fact that everyone is entitled their own opinion. Only as long as it agrees with me.

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Just Cause I Can

Just Cause is a godsend for people like me who look for pathetic puns. Even though everyone else will be going for exactly the same puns that you’ll see over the next 500 or so words. I feel sorry for you poor reader. So sorry. Just cos the world is full of dictatorships, a good old spanish 007 lookalike has to solve it, and somehow that means that the game should be called Just Cause, meaning that every games writer who has no better jokes to write is stuck with pathetic puns about that title*.
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Trumpet Fanfare

The new issue of PCGAMER has arrived to us lucky subscribers. Seeing as every writer for PCG has blown their own trumpet on their blog about the articles they’ve got in, I’m going to do something rather similar. Granted, I may not have got a full article in. I didn’t even get into the letters page. But one of my angry tweets got in, and thus I’m a happy boy. I’m not planning on a whole post about the tweet, but on a letter a Mr Steve Rowsell sent in. The letter is about how consoles haven’t killed the PC gaming industry, but popularity has. What an interesting idea.

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Oh dear oh dear…

I apologise for turning this blog into a Chucklevision tribute, but that was really the only thing I could think about doing. Following on from the unclear posting from 2k (Or Irrational if I’m being correct), Ubisoft have announced their new DRM. If you want the official FAQ (I’m struggling to find an actual press release. It might be hidden in plain sight), then you can find it here. I urge you to go and read it before you continue on with this. It’ll make your life easier.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article does in no way promise to not get annoyed and start using capital letters and bold font. Even if he shouts, he would like you to know that he still loves you.

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Oh dear…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It looks to me as if some publisher has misunderstood the concept of games press release, and confused games with politics. Seriously guys, there’s a difference here. If you’re going to do a press release and tell us about your game, the stuff you do tell us, the stuff that is the whole point of the release should probably be clear. This follows the announcement by 2K about the DRM that comes with Bioshock 2. Now, I know I have the unwritten rule (I just giggled at that pun. Help) against writing about DRM. But the point here isn’t that Bioshock has DRM. It’s the fact that this press release has been done so badly. Continue reading