APB and MMOs

Disclaimer: This is not a review. I haven’t played APB in its finished state and nor do I have any intention of doing so. This is a collection of words based on the reviews that I have read and my experience in the beta. Those who decide to come here and tell me I suck, get a life. For the purposes of this, I have taken a sample of the reviews, including PCGAMER, 1UPEuroGamer, Bit-Tech and for the sake of an amateur review, BBB.

All of the above reviews can be simplified into one paragraph:

APB is a brilliant game. The customisation is brilliant, the concept is fascinating and someone should have tried this before. However, the combat is horrible, the new user experience is hell and it doesn’t work properly.

I was already fairly non plussed about APB after the beta didn’t do anything to make me want to play, but after reading the reviews (And foolishly reading the comments on some of them), I saw no reason to spend my money on it. I was already worried when Real Time Worlds tried to put the review embargo on until a week after release*. If it was 3 days or less, then I would have accepted they were trying to create the chance where the game would be reviewed properly and not rushed out. A week just makes me think that they are almost certain it is going to get panned.

And panned it is. Metacritic (Which to be honest isn’t the best indication of a game) takes the average score to be about 59, with most reviews hovering over that area. I didn’t have the time to read through them all properly (Hence the selection above) and I foolishly took part in the comments on the PCGAMER review. Every review is full of criticisms, though most agreed that it would get a patch and be sorted within 6 months.

Why I haven’t gone and bought it is because the reviews didn’t show there had been a difference between the beta experience I had and the finished product. The driving was awful in the beta, with the game lagging as soon as you started to move. It was finally fixed so that there wasn’t this slow down, but the cars felt unresposive, which apparently makes it ‘realistic’.  I don’t drive, but I’m almost certain that moving the steering wheel makes the car respond immediately.

You may be asking why I’m writing this if I’ve only got reviews to go off, and that’s because of the comments that I’ve seen from the community who rushed to defend it. I’ve spoken before about reviews before,  and firmly believe that it’s impossible to review MMOs completely**, but the outrage that the community has shown has been the main muse for this post. A lot of people suddenly insulting the reviewer and saying “He isn’t a good player, he’s such a noob” and much worse made me feel like there was another reason for me not to try the game.

Communities are things that are very precious to a developer. A community will see through the flaws in your game, see the product it could become and stay with the game until said product arrives. Everyone knows that APB has flaws, but it seems that you get used to the flaws after 20 hours play. Using that logic when writing a review can’t be done in any good conscience. Every review of APB has been right: The reviewer can’t recommend a game in that flawed state, hence the low scores and the negative reviews.

Of course, reviews are very influential. We all have favourite reviewers, and we tend to like what they like. Metacritic is used by so many publishers to decide whether a developer’s next game will be funded. So these poor reviews are telling EA (The publishers) that they haven’t done a good job, and even telling Realtime Worlds that most people didn’t like their game. There will be people who see the Metacritic rating and say “No, I won’t buy this”, which may decrease the player base since there won’t be new players. Though the fan boys will continue playing it…

What this could cause is APB being shut down which I don’t think anyone wants that to happen. MMOs are the most patched of all games and all these problems can be fixed. Its just a matter of time until they are. I personally would love to play it but I really can’t see a reason to purchase it at this present time, which is a problem for a game where groups new players are needed to make the actual start interesting.

At the moment, buying APB isn’t advisable. It’s shoddy and you will die or have very little fun at the beginning until you get a better gun. In 6 months time APB might be fixed and be recommendable, but that’s only if enough people can get past that first hurdle of non-fun to see what could be a brilliant game. I’d rather wait for that than spend my money waiting for that stage.

*The reasons cited for the embargo told us that the Key To The City beta event wouldn’t be representative of the full game. I call bollocks on that. That event was 2 weeks before release if I remember correctly all that could really change was balance. If the game doesn’t work by then, its your own fault for not hitting your own deadlines. Return to reading.

**The latest issue of PCGAMER includes a review of the Age Of Conan expansion. The first line acknowledges that the review isn’t going to cover everything that is available because it would be folly to try and the review wouldn’t be finished on time. Which is fair and honest. Return to reading.

    • Tirnaz
    • July 21st, 2010

    APB has its problems. I think it was release prematurely. Balance is horrid, especially on matchmaking, putting rank 250 players, fully upgraded against rank 50 players, no upgrades. Easily fixed if they include rank in matchmaking, not just threat level. I like a good challenge though, and i feel awesome killing a rank 250 player and completing my objective against them. New patched introduced a bit of lag, i can live with it.

    The best part of the game is teaming up with folks, working together and using the open mics to communicate. Makes things great, despite unbalanced weapons (stun guns need to be reduced a bit), clunky driving, lg, and unbalanced PVP. I still play it, and have loads of fun.

    • I agree, APB does have it’s problems. I really wish it had a few extra months because I was really excited by it. I might be convinced in about 9 months time if it seems fixed, but it was crushing to see such a brilliant idea executed so poorly.

    • Jake
    • July 21st, 2010

    So, we are “fanboys” if we like the game and support it? Just because I don’t just read reviews and say “they got bad reviews lets not buy it” that’s there opinion not FACT ! This game is on the right track of being great I have no problems with it.It just came out not that long ago, they are going be fixing there problems all games have them. Just because I enjoy this game don’t make you a “fanboy” grow up with that stupid shit! If you don’t want to buy it then don’t but don’t smash on people who did.

    • I think you misunderstand my point. Look at the PCGAMER review. The fanboys came out in force and viciously attacked the writer of the review. Why? Because he didn’t like it. I use the words fanboys because they are fans who can’t bear to see their game being criticised and you know what? They’re the idiots.

      Also, I’m going to edit that comment and try to make it make a slight bit more sense.

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