Steam Sale: Day 10

A new round of summer sales on Steam, although, depressingly, most of today’s offerings fall under “buy elsewhere cheaper” or “buy the much shinier sequel”. Perhaps we’ve just been spoiled by the excellent one-day offers from the last few days. Ho hum. I’m sure there’ll be some more, equally wonderful offerings soonish.

Just Cause 2 – £14.99

One that I can’t actually claim any knowledge about whatsoever, other than that it is very pretty, and the use of a grappling hook hack/trainer thingy is apparently advised. Apparently a considerable improvement on the original Just Cause, which I enjoyed. The price is barely better than retail though.

Drug: As Kid says, it’s not at a price where you can impulse buy and feel good about it. The demo was enjoyable (Especially once you removed the time limit…), so I can recommend it though.

Sam and Max – The Devil’s Playhouse – £12.49

Telltale’s initial foray into episodic reboots of loved adventure games is now in its third season/series – implying it must at the very least be pushing the right nostalgia buttons.  The only Sam and Max games I’ve played are the original, and the free Abe Lincoln Must Die! episode, which was apparently the high point of the first series. At that price, though, 5 full Sam and Max adventures? Gotta be worth a shot.

Freedom Force – Freedom Pack – £1.24

This pack includes the original game, and the Nazi-biffing alt-history expansion pack. A brilliant top-down RPG that can be played as a go->pause->plan->attack strategy reliant RPG, or if you’re not a huge RPG fan, you can drop the difficulty down and play it entirely real-time. Brilliant, and an absolute steal at that price. If you’re still not sure, then the base game is only 74p today, so you’re hardly going to lose anything.

Metro 2033 – £14.99

This is a lovely game, wonderfully atmospheric and a solid shooter, with a few minor niggles. (Also: bendy lasers) However, I cannot recommend you buy this on Steam, when it can be had with free P&P for just under a tenner here if you’re in the UK.

Mount and Blade – £8.50

Today’s recurring theme – lovely games I can’t possibly suggest you buy at all. Mount and Blade is one of the best realisations of medieval combat around – but when the multiplayer-enabled, heavily improved Warband is available on Steam for just £4 more, it’s rather redundant. Only buy this if you want to play any of the mods that are yet to be ported to the sequel/expandalone.

Drug: Kid, have you seen the past posts? I had to deal with a game that I had no idea even existed!

Devil May Cry 4 – £3.74

This is… definitely a game about people with swords and guns fighting demons. Apparently Dante is replaced/joined in this one by an equally pouty young man who happens to have demonic power. That’s nice.

Drug: I would say don’t. I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard it’s a bad console port.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – £20.99

Another sale you should completely ignore – not because it’s a bad game, it’s a very competent team-based shooter, with extra scenery destruction. It’s just £6 cheaper with free P&P on Amazon. Silly EA.

World of Goo – £4.25

This is pretty much my favourite puzzle game of all time. I admit to paying just 1 English Penny for this when 2D Boy held a Pay What You Want sale, but after playing it through and loving it, I felt incredibly bad and bought 2 full price copies for friends. It’s that good. At this price, unless you have literally zero interest in puzzle games, this is brilliant.

Portal – £1.39

I can’t see why you wouldn’t already own this, since it was given away for free very recently, and most people will have it from the Orange Box already – but if you don’t, this is very much worth it. Brilliantly written, aesthetically my favourite game of Valve’s so far, and with a sequel in the pipeline that looks gloriously crazy and fun from the trailers that have been released so far.

Other Games Wot You Should Buy

Penny Arcade – On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

Episode One and Episode Two – £3.99 each

Your mileage may vary here, but if you enjoy Penny Arcade’s general works, then this will certainly please you. A semi-linear RPG written and… drawn? designed? whatever, by the Penny Arcade guys. Not technically on sale, but they were £7.99 each before this summer event, and now are cheap.

Super Laser Racer – £0.75

LITERALLY a few hours of top-down space-racing with lasers and boost-pads and shit. Wipeout, but in 2D, but really fucking cheap.

Altitude – £2.38


Also, the Borderlands DLC is all still 25% off for anyone who missed it yesterday. Do be aware that Moxxi and Dr Ned both have dirty, dirty TAGES 5-install limit DRM: and Steam will, of course, use one of those every time you install or uninstall Borderlands, thanks to the way it handles DLC.

Drug: We’re reaching the end of the sale now with the last set being tomorrow. So I’ll pop in my two suggestions that I was going to use today before this post was stolen. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is now available for £4.01, which seems like a brilliant price for something like that. The boss fights are slightly annoying but the rag doll effects are great. The other is something for puzzle fans: Safecracker is now £1.49. There’s no pretext of a plot, but I’m playing it on the DS at the moment (I’m making the assumption it is a straight port) and finding it quite enjoyable. Even though one of the puzzles must be broken…

  1. Hope you don’t mind my additions. I just came up to write this post but saw you’d already done it.

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