Steam Sale: Day 9

I have to admit that this one is something that I really don’t know about. Beyond Good and Evil, available for the nice and cheap price of £3.34 (As an aside, I’ve seen it cheaper. As in, 0p cheap. You just had to pay for postage). I wish I had this before now and could talk about it properly but it got 100% in one review, and also I haven’t seen a bad word said against it.

Another that I don’t own (I have run out of games that are on sale that I know), which is Guild Wars. The trilogy is now £20.09, which includes Guild Wars and the 2 expansions. It doesn’t have a subscription so I would probably buy it if I could be bothered to commit to an MMO. However, I would like to argue that it is a brilliant chance to try an MMO if you want to not get locked into a subscription.

Today’s specials:

  • Star Wars: Empire at War, £3.74
    This is the Star Wars RTS, which of course I don’t own, because this is Valve’s Summer sale. Not heard anything about it being better than a typical cash in, but it might be.
  • Max and the Magic Marker, £3.25
    Oh come on! I’m not bothering to write a piece about this.
  • Saints Row 2, £2.49
    This is a brilliant game. I think it’s better than GTA 4, since it doesn’t even attempt to take itself seriously. It is brilliant and worth it at that price.
  • Day of Defeat: Source, £1.49
    Another one that I do not know. I think I tried it on a free weekend, but didn’t really take to it. It doesn’t fill that team shooter itch that TF2 scratches so much better.
  • The Bionic Commando Pack, £8.74
    This is a good day for not knowing anything in the Steam sale. Whoopie. I really have no idea about how good it is.
  • Half Life 2, £2.37
    Buy. Buy buy now.  The greatest scripted experience in recent years, with a brilliant storyline. It’s the same game play every 2 minutes, but the story makes that forgivable.
  • Beat Hazard, £1.74
    Thanks again Valve. It’s much cheaper than yesterday, so I’d buy it today if you are going to. My money is staying in my pocket though
  • Borderlands, £6.79
    A game that I really need to finish. Again. A cel shaded shooter, and one that is pretty good fun. The DLC is also 66%, and you can get a four pack for £20.38. It’s very entertaining, and the procedural generation of the guns is very impressive.
    • Kid A
    • July 3rd, 2010

    Star Wars RTS is good fun, but the expansion is pretty redundant – the extra faction and their campaign is a bit crap, but the vanilla game is awesome, especially if you tweak it to knock the fleet cap for space battles up from 20 arbitrary populations to 50 or 100.

    DoD:S is an odd one. I can’t find anything bad to say about it, it’s a fine team-based WW2 shooter… but that’s it. Red Orchestra is a lot better.

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