Steam Sale: Day 7

One of the greatest things about this sale is that humour that Valve are putting into it is brilliant. Taking apart everything we hold dear about summer and showing how dangerous it is… Nobody except Valve could do it so well…

I’ve been berated on Steam for not linking the Gothic Bundle which is now £8.99. I have bought it, and really want to try it but damn Darwinia keeps getting in the way. It includes Gothic 2 and Gothic 3, both of which are RPGs. As I haven’t played it I had a glance at metacritic and someone gave Gothic 2 100%. I think that’s hard to ignore.

Another complete pack for you here: THQ. I already owned this, but £26 for a set of games that are brilliant. Both Dawn of Wars (The original and the new one, with all expansions) are in it, plus all 3 Red Factions and many more. I don’t know about the rest, but just on those it pays for itself. Red Faction did it for me.

Today’s Specials are:

  • Mass Effect 2, £17.99
    I’ve just realised this is still on my damn “To play soon” list. I keep meaning to load it up but there are so many shiny things. It apparently fixes a lot of gripes with ME1, and has a logical inventory. All of which are madness I tell you.
  • The Void, £5.00
    The traditional “Eh? What’s this” in this sale. It rings a bell though. Its an adventure style game where you have to use colour to survive. Not fully sure about it though.
  • Torchlight, £3.75
    Torchlight is essentially just a modern Diablo from what I can make out. A lot of running around, killing monsters, taking loot and selling it. It never really appealed to me, but I think if I started I might not be able to stop.
  • The Guild 2 and expansion, £5.75
    That makes two in the “Eh? What’s this?”. Just looking at the information it looks very interesting. A Middle Ages life simulator. If it works then I’d be very interested to know, so comments would be helpful.
  • Shatter, £1.75
    I don’t own this, and don’t really think I want to. It’s a Breakout clone, “that merges familiar action with unique twits and a modern crafted production approach”. If that didn’t put you off then get it. Though £1.75 isn’t a bad price for something like that.
  • Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, £1.75
    This was an Unreal Tournament mod if I remember correctly. I never played it because I didn’t understand what mods were 6 years ago. In my defence I was only 12. Another WW2 FPS, but one in a new area of war. If you are one of those who like the WW2 setting, it’s worth it for sure.
  • Red Faction: Guerrila, £3.75
    If you do not have this, then get it. At that price, the flaws with the voice acting go away, and the pretty explosions look even prettier. You get to blow things up! In fact, you have to blow things up! How can it not be fun!?
  • Left 4 Dead, £4.42
    Same with RFG. If you don’t have it then you have no excuse at that price. It still plays wonderfully, and there are plenty of people who are still boycotting L4D2. There is also the option of a 4 pack for £13.26.
  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, £1.70
    This is a game that is interesting. Before Burnout Paradise came to the PC, this had the crown I think. I don’t know whether you should just stick with Burnout, but £1.70 isn’t going to hurt your wallet. I think it’s worth a shot.
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