Steam Sale: Day 6

The descent into commercial madness continues.

I didn’t see this and someone pointed it out to me. Similar to Ghostmaster and Dungeon Keeper in the style of gaming, Evil Genius is £3.49. I quite enjoyed the demo for this and never picked up the full version. That mainly happened because I couldn’t run it. My PC was rubbish in them days. I’d love to pick it up but the problem that everyone tells me about is that it gets into a massive spam fest of enemies after about 10 minutes of gaming. Which I’ve seen happen and I don’t think I can deal with the stress.

One of the games that everyone knows is also for sale. Fahrenheit (Or Indigo Prophecy if you are that way inclined) is one sale for £2.37. It’s a very old, but one of the pinnacles in modern gameplay mechanics. It also has a brilliant story, up until it becomes the Matrix. Most people remember this for the scene where you are both the murderer and the cop in the diner right at the beginning.

Today’s specials are:

  • Commandos Collection £3.00
    Includes all 4 Commandos games. I never got into these, since they mostly came out when I wasn’t a real gamer. I really don’t know what they are in terms of genre. I’ve also never heard anyone tell me off for not knowing about them so I doubt they are essentials.
  • GTA:IV, £4.99
    Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that I always liked just because I wasn’t allowed to play it. Part of me wants to get it but I’m not sure. I liked the games but after San Andreas’ black lead was the most racist thing I’d ever seen, I’m not sure I want to try it. The problems with SecuROM and the Rockstar system have apparently been cleaned up so it might be worth a shot.
  • X-Com Pack, £2.24
    I have never hated Valve so much. I already told people to get the original for that price. Now you can get the whole set for it. It’s so hard for me to recommend because I paid 3 pounds more than to get that same set. However, gaming history is here. With the new one coming out, it might be worth seeing what all fuss was about. Bear in mind that the original (And apparently best) is now only 74p so you might just want that.
  • ARMA II, £12.49
    Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint? Seeing as Op Flash was £3.30, I would say that. However ARMA is much more realistic. That’s all hearsay, I have no direct experience.
  • Street Fighter IV, £7.49
    A beat ’em up on PC? Madness. Complete and utter madness. I can’t give you any insight into whether it’s any good, so it’s all your fault.
  • Osmos, £1.74
    Another indie title here. It’s sort of like the first section of Spore, except that you have to expend yourself to  move and swallow up smaller people, which increases yourself. Be foolish not to grab it at this price.
  • Numen: Contest of Heroes, £4.24
    Ah, good old Valve. Making sure that there is at least one game in the sale that I have no idea about. It’s a hack and slash but in ancient Greece. Apparently it’s not “just” a hack and slash, but I’m not willing to find out more.
  • Team Fortress 2, £4.75
    If you aren’t getting this at that price there is something wrong with you. It’s had so many updates for free it’s been unbelievable. Plus it’s still fun to play, and there’s no elitism (That I found). Get it. Now.

I shall see you all again tomorrow. Enjoy today’s delights.

  1. if it’s still that cheap you should definitely pick up GTA and possibly the Episodes stuff, even if just for the multiplayer – me Ed and Paul frequently drop in and fuck around for a couple of hours, often hilarious.

  2. Also, Re: commandos.

    They are amazing games, been meaning to write about them for a while. Hard as nails but really very good. The original was one of the games ‘that made me’.

    • Kid A
    • June 30th, 2010

    OpFlash 2 is a bloody good deal at that price – I enjoyed it greatly on *gasp* the 360, the multiplayer is bloody good if you get 3 friends and a map made by someone who actually knows how to work around the object limits.

    And Apocalypse is the best X-COM, and anyone who says otherwise is a silly.

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