Steam Sale: Day 5

Welcome again, to today’s post. Just so you all know, I’m not going to be writing a proper blog post until after the sale. I’m hoping that by then I’ll have some good games to write about. Big hope though. Kid A will probably carry on with his stuff. I’ve also seen suggestions that if you are going to get non-specials, then wait until the end of the sale. They might get discounted further.

So what delights have I found? Well there’s the Valve Complete Pack available for the serene price of £35.50. It contains all of the Valve games, meaning you get both Left 4 Deads, all versions of Counter Strike/Half Life, Team Fortress 2 and more. Considering that most Valve games are £20, that’s a bloody brilliant deal, allowing you to sample some of the greatest classics in gaming, as well as the modern brilliance that’s also available.

An underdog here: Ghostmaster is 57p. I  currently have a boxed version sitting on the top of my PC tower and mean to install it at some point in the near future but it keeps getting put off by bloody TF2. However that might seem to you, it’s a charming game. Not many games manage to take the Dungeon Keeper template and do a good job with it (Overlord, I’m looking at you), and although it is flawed  it is a great little game for acting out your evil fantasies.

Today’s Specials are:

  • Order of War, £10.20
    Thanks Valve, another game I know little about. From the information given, it looks like another WW2 RTS. A quick check on Metacritic (I ignored the scores) shows that most people found it average. So it might be a good price, but I have no idea.
  • Oddworld Pack, £2.00
    More gaming history here. A platformer that involved some very strange aliens trying to escape from slavery in a mine. Never completed it, and usually died a horrible horrible death at the hands of some monster. It contains Abe’s Exodus and the Oddysee. Worth a punt if you like your platforming, and there’s some good action puzzles from memory.
  • Europa Universalis, 66% off
    Franchise sale again. And yet another that I know very little about. Metacritic’s selection of reviews were mostly favourable, and the general impression I got is that it’s a contender for the Total War crown. I’m unlikely to ever play this because I suck at Total War.
  • King Arthur, £10.20
    Oh look, another Total War alike. This really interested me, but since I know I’ll be bad at it I don’t think I’ll ever buy it. However it looks like a fresh setting and a different approach to the Total War style games.
  • Dogfighter, £5.99
    I was in the beta for Dogfighter, and tried to give away a key for it. Of course, either nobody entered or the mail address messed up. Sorry about that. Anyway, this is a great dog fighting game, and £6 is a much better price than £12. It’ll fulfill the casual pilot to hardcore multiplayer quite well.
  • Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Pack, £8.50
    Sadly not the original 3, but the episodes released by Telltale. Another lot that I don’t know about, but I never really tried Monkey Island. I heard it wasn’t bad, and not full of hate though. Adventure game people or nostalgic gamers only I think.
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, £3.30
    It’s a hard choice between this and Oddworld as the best of today. On the one hand, Oddworld I know about and can tell you it is fun. On the other, this is dirt cheap and is newer. Not played it, but it looks like a solid FPS and at that price I went for it.

What I’ve found is that the specials are great for getting me to spend money on something I wouldn’t usually touch. Damn Valve. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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