Steam Sale: Day 4

Day 4 in the Steam Sale, and another day of specials and fun stuff for you to lose even more money on.

How I managed to miss this one, I have absolutely no idea. X-COM: UFO Defense is available for one of the best prices you’ll ever see it at: £2,24. One of the J-Servites is doing a playthrough at the moment and it looks brilliant fun. As you may be getting used to, I haven’t got it yet, though I hear it can be a bitch to get running. Creed is running it under DOSBox, so that might be the only option. The whole pack of X-COM games is also discounted for £6.74. That is a brilliant price and you all need to go and buy it now.

Keeping with the theme of complete packs, something that you might not be expecting. The Puzzle Indie Pack, contains 4 games (Chains, Gumboy, Obulis and Vigil: Blood Bitterness). It’s not my usual sort of thing to link an Indie Puzzler, but I just reviewed Chains for Gaming Daily. It hasn’t appeared on the site yet so I probably shouldn’t tell you how brilliant I thought or didn’t think it was. I’ll say that £2.74 is a good price for Chains alone, so it’s worth getting in my opinion.

Today’s specials are:

  • Max Payne, £1.49
    The first game to use Bullet Time. Everyone liked it and copied it. It’s on my “I wish I could be bothered to look at it” list to be honest, and I’m not able to tell you if it is as good as everyone says. However, positive reviews all round, so £1.49 can’t be a bad price.
  • Kane and Lynch, £3.49
    A troubling one this one. It had some fairly average reviews, but £3.49 isn’t going to put a dent in your wallet. It might be one of those where you want to find out someone else’s opinion before you shell out for it, but remember that price tag is so low.
  • Flotilla, £1.75
    Valve, are you doing this on purpose? I have no idea what this is. Looks like a Space RTS. With full 3D thingys. Has randomly generated universes, and Craig Pearson from PCGAMER recommended it on Twitter. I’ll leave this one up to you.
  • Dawn Of War 2: Gold Edition, £26.49
    This includes both the vanilla and the Chaos Rising pack. I didn’t find DoW2 anywhere near as much fun as the first, but the first was easy to win when you were the Necrons. I personally think that’s quite expensive for those two games, since I don’t think Dawn of War 2 is a game you need to buy.
  • EVE: Online, £1.49
    Ah EVE. The one MMO I really want to get into. As I’m reminded constantly, you can pay the monthly fee (This is of course the latest version, along with one months subscription) by using the in game currency. EVE seems like the sort of MMO I’d love to try out, but I’m wary of the complexity that hides behind it. It’s a good buy if you are looking to start the EVE world, so I’d snap this up.
  • Half Life, £1.19
    This is the original. The very original. That started it all off. You know, that Half Life? It’s graphically dated (I love reading the little things they put on the Steam page: “…to create a frighteningly realistic world…”. Someone’s just taken the original release haven’t they?), but it is a milestone in gaming. I’ve not played it on PC, I only played it about 5 years ago on PS2, but even then it blew me away. If you haven’t got it, buy it now.
  • Civilisation Sale, 75% off
    Another franchise sale. Everything that has the Civ name is 75% off. If you want to get Civ4, I’d go for the gold pack since that’s currently £6 for all of the Civ 4 expansions as well as the base game. I’ve always wanted to enjoy Civ, but I just don’t have the right sort of mind to get a brilliant strategy out of it.

I’ll see you again tomorrow at the same time for the new specials and another pick of the lot.

    • Kid A
    • June 28th, 2010

    Flotilla and the Max Payne double pack are well worth it at that price. I personally enjoyed Kane and Lynch up until Havana, at which point I lost all interest. Apparently that was pretty near the end, so if you’re willing to trudge through an awful last couple of levels, go nuts. What comes before is enjoyable enough.

    • I’m hoping the next set I’ll know more about. There are a few games that I hadn’t heard of even existing that have a large amount off, and I’m still trawling through for the really good stuff. Tomorrow’s set of non-specials is going to be good.

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