Steam Sale: Day 3

So, as the Steam Sales continue, what is there for you today?

I’ll continue my pick of what’s in the sales all the time, I bring you King’s Bounty: Gold, for £8.74. I heard lots of good things about this, but I can’t comment on it, as I’m only buying things that are £5 or less, and I REALLY want it. However, most reviews were positive and I have a lot of friends who enjoyed it very much. From what I can gather it utilises the hex based tile system for turn based combat. Corrections would be greatly appreciated.

This one is brilliant. The Broken Sword Pack is available for £2.71. This is  adventure gaming at it’s finest. Finished the original on my DS this past week and loved every second of it. It includes both the original and the sequel. However, it’s a point and click adventure game, so I’d advise getting an FAQ, the puzzles can be a bit fiendish and non-logical. Especially when it gets to Ireland.

Today’s sale items are (As usual, you have until 18:00 GMT):

  • City of Heroes: Architect Edition, £4.99
    City of Heroes/Villains are brilliant MMOs, but they are MMOs. So I don’t own them on principle. This is of course just the game, and only includes 1 months play. So you’ll have to factor in the MMO costs. However, since it includes both City of Heroes and City of Villains, plus a whole load of in-game items for free, it’s probably a good buy if you are MMO inclined.
  • Hearts of Iron, 66% off
    An interesting one here. Anything that has anything to do with Hearts of Iron gets 66%, be it the full game, the expansions or the DLC. It’s a strategy game, and probably worth a look if you’re a WWII era fanatic. I’m not, so I have no idea.
  • Audiosurf, £1.50
    I was getting worried that I wouldn’t know anything about any of today’s specials, but Audiosurf I do own, and do know about. It caused a real storm back when it was released, and it’s a damn good game now. Choose an audio file, and that’s your next level. Want something easy and smooth? Choose Rhapsody in Blue. Want something hard and fast paced? Choose a Van Canto piece. £1.50 is a brilliant price, and I’d pay full price again.
  • Zeno Clash, £2.81
    A fight ’em up in real time. Another that I don’t own (STOP DOING THIS VALVE), but one that most people recommend. As it’s got some brilliant punching apparently.
  • Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, £4.99
    Hmm, another one here which I didn’t really like. It’s alright, but not something I’d pay £4.99 for. If you are a Star Wars fanatic, go for it. But it’s just a console port really.
  • Left 4 Dead 2, £6.80
    This is a good one. Best zombie apocalypse game thingy ever, though you can argue that L4D1 was just as good and this is just polished. Which I would agree with. The 4 pack is also available for £20.80, so might be worth a punt.
  • Supreme Commander 2, £8.49
    Another sequel that annoyed the hell out of fans of the original. Not as big or as complex, but apparently much more accessible. Extreme AI is apparently a real pain, as are nukes, but that’s just the facts of life. I don’t own it again, but a good price for sure.
  • Company of Heroes Complete Pack, £14.98
    Complete packs are everyone’s friends. CoH is a WW2 RTS, and I keep meaning to install it. I blame Kid A for the fact I haven’t entirely. Complete packs like this are usually worth it if one of the games interest you, so if you haven’t tried it and want to give it a shot, try it now.

That’s today’s lot, I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy watching your bank balance fall.

    • Kid A
    • June 27th, 2010

    Oi, what’ve I got to do with you not installing CoH?

    • The question is, what HAVEN’T you got to do with me not installing CoH?

        • Kid A
        • June 27th, 2010


      • That’s probably correct.

        Damn you.

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