Steam Sale: Day 2

Hello there all. This is a strange event, a post on a Saturday, without prior warning? Am I ill? No, just keeping an eye out on the Steam sale. I’m going to update daily and give you my pick of the set. You’ll get the whole list and any recommendations that either me or Kid A see. Of course, that all depends on whether Kid A can be bothered. I didn’t think of doing this yesterday, hence the lack of a post yesterday.

To begin with, I want to draw your attention to the Introversion Complete Pack, for £5. Introversion are a fascinating group of software developers, and they deserve your support whole heartedly. That pack contains Uplink, which is amazing in every single way. That alone would justify the price for me, but I bought Defcon just because it came with Uplink for free. Defcon is also included, which is a brilliant nuclear war game, though I’ve never taken it online, partly because I was scared. Darwinia, and the multiplayer Multiwinia are the last two sections of the pack. Darwinia I’ve just started, and it’s a brilliant way of looking at artificial intelligence, though I’m too close to the beginning to be able to tell you anything worth your time. I haven’t touched Multiwinia at all but as I say, Uplink alone justifies that £5 price tag, especially as Introversion are selling it for £10 at their store.

The next thing I want you to see is Puzzle Quest Kingdoms, which is 80p. That is stupidly cheap, and the Puzzle Quest series themselves are brilliant. I think that’s a brilliant price tag for something this shallow. It’s a match 3 game, but with an RPG attached. If you get this, be warned: It’s very addictive, and pretty quick paced as well. When I was playing it on the DS, I ended up with the board showing up in my eyes when I closed them, and found myself idly working out what the best score you could get would be. I recommend it, but only if you know you don’t need sleep.

There are plenty more that aren’t the specials for today, but I’m still trawling through the store and trying to find them. You’ll get another two or so tomorrow.

Today’s specials, which you have until 18:00 GMT to buy, are:

  • Galcon Fusion, £1.75
    I haven’t heard of this before, but it looks like a strange sort of RTS strategy game. A remake of some old DOS game as well.
  • Alien Vs Predator Classic 2000, 75p
    This appears to be the original. Never really played it, I was only 9 when it came out, and I’m a coward and don’t really go for that sort of jumpy game.
  • Lead and Gold, £3.40
    This is a very damn nice looking game. Most people were shocked it was so good for how cheap it was. It’s now much cheaper, so I think it might be worth a look.
  • Alpha Protocol, £16.74
    The most expensive of today’s specials, however it is a new game so I’m not surprised. Heard a lot of mixed reviews on this. The actual game appears to be crap, but the dialogue choices and similar are apparently out of this world.
  • GTAIV: Eps from Liberty City, £9.99
    This is an expandalone, so you don’t need GTAIV to play it. It’s essentially a smaller version of the original from what I can gather. I doubt it’ll be on my to-get list.
  • Resident Evil 5, £7.50
    It appears those damn zombies won’t stay dead. Again. I’ve never been a RE fan (I’m a coward remember?), so my opinion counts for diddilysquat. I myself wouldn’t pay that much for it, it looks crap. It’s also too expensive for an impulse buy.
  • Ghostbusters £3
    Ah, the attempt of a publisher to use a well-loved franchise to gain some quick bucks. It’s always nice to see that isn’t it? This did pass me by again so it might actually be good, but I’m automatically wary of it. However, £3 seems like a nice price for it.

That’s my suggestions for the moment. I’ll do another post tomorrow at the same time with a new round-up.

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