Hard Wear

At the moment, my connection is flaky and unable to connect properly. Am I bothered? Yes, seeing as I can’t play Team Fortress or write blog posts. But am I worried about it? No. I think I know what the problem is, and I know how to solve it, which is to buy a new wireless card and replace the current one.

Normally this wouldn’t dare be used as an introduction on here. Hardware talk is boring and nobody really cares about the speed of my machine, plus the innuendos are one of the most annoying things in the entire world (Hurr hurr, my PC rams it till it hertz). However, Kid A pointed out in the comments of his last post that people are scared about the inside of their machine.

I’m currently having fun doing job applications for several different companies, and in everyone I tell them I built my own PC. Why? Because all to often, the people I tell this to think I’m a genius and want me to help them take their clothes off if they are female and hot. Though that last part may only happen in my head. What people fail to realise is that PCs are actually just expensive mechano. So, why do people think that people who make PCs for a living are clever, or that people who can take the side panel off their machine and vaguely understand what’s going on are seeing into some mystical world? Plain and simple, we’re never taught to have a look.

I won’t go through the entire make up of the computer, just that it’s not as hard as people think. There are tons of videos out there which tell you how to do it, with this one being my favourite. If people can realise how simple it is to build a PC we might all suddenly realise that we’re being rather foolish.

Hands up who hasn’t played with Lego or Mechano? Those who have will know that it’s impossible to put a piece in the wrong place because of how the bricks are designed. Well, surprise surprise, it’s the same in the PC building world. All you need to do is check that the motherboard socket will fit your CPU socket, and that you buy the right sort of RAM. Those are honestly the only 2 things you have to watch out for, and that’s stupidly easy to check when you buy. Most outlets put the socket types in the item name, or allow you to filter by type, and a quick scan of the item description will tell you what type of RAM you’re buying or what type the motherboard will take.

You can easily chop and change between hardware once you know what you need, and there’s always large amount of people who will help you on various forums. It’s not hard, and people need to see that.

  1. You should look into homeplugs (those things that run internet through your power sockets). They work flawlessly – just an extension of ethernet.

    Also, your PC insides are very tidy.

    • Erm, that’s not mine. I didn’t have the chance to take one so I grabbed one of t’interweb… Though it isn’t a hotlink, so I feel better about myself.

      Homeplug front, I’ve been through this with you before. This is not my house, thus I have no real control over it. Though I kept telling my parents to get it.

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