Right. Yes. Hello? Hello.

So, as the utterly nonsensical,  grammatical minefield of a title may or may not inform you, this is not DrugCrazed. Do not adjust your routers, or put your fist through your monitors in anger: all will be well, droogs. I am James Greene, a.k.a. Kid A, one-time writer of Sixty FPS or Bust – another gaming blog, which was recently shut down by an unscrupulous dog’s gonad of a man named Jochen Klobe. (Am I allowed to write that? I bloody hope so.)

Why? Because he agreed to answer questions for me, and when his answers to those questions were published, he decided that actually, no, he quite liked the image of being a conniving little twat, and proceeded to threaten my hosts with legal action if they didn’t shut my blog down. Fair play to him, it must take a lot of balls to grasp the title of “Complete Wanker” with such breathtaking swiftness and firmness… wow, that went veering off into Regency paperback soft-porn for a moment. I do apologise. In any case, I will now be contributing to this blog with posts for the foreseeable future.

What am I going to write about? Well, I was thinking of starting with a piece on Kant’s deontological ethical theories… okay, okay, mostly video games. I tend to drift towards the indie scene and older games, mostly because as a student, once I’ve paid for food, beer, beer, beer, beer, Red Bull whenever an essay is due in, and, er… more beer, I generally don’t have piles of cash to throw at AAA games that last 5 hours of mega-splodey Tom Clancy bullshit.

So, all together now:

Always, I wanna be with you,

And make believe with you

And live in harmony, harmony, oh love!

Just me?

  1. Working with you is going to be fun 😀

  1. June 29th, 2010
  2. August 20th, 2010

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