Announcement and stuff

There was supposed to be a post yesterday, but it appears I pressed the wrong button. I blame me. Seeing as I forgot, that post will show up tomorrow. Which leads me nicely into this post.

The current readership of How To Play is about 20 or so for each post, assuming that each view I have is unique and is for one post. However, I’m still a student, with the joys of exams looming. With that in mind plus various other things, content on here is going to be slightly less regular. I’m currently doing 2 posts a week, each being at least 500, sometimes more. With the amount of readership I have, it’s not worth killing myself over 2 posts a week with this amount of readers. As such, I’m changing my schedule to 1 per week on a Thursday.

There’s evidently people who like this (30+ readers came every day), so I won’t close this down. Mr Lager from Gaming Daily has asked for a pitch, so he evidently doesn’t hate this. So hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be getting occasional posts on there. Feel free to look out for me.

I’m also looking forward to doing another playthrough or series on a game. Depending on how the GD stuff goes, I may be asking around there if they wish to partake in a Frozen Synapse tournament. Feel free to come back tomorrow to read the review (ish) of that tomorrow. Either that, or I could have a look at the next Hitman game.

So, feel free to subscribe to the feed and comment on what you think on this. See you tomorrow then dear readers.

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