Dino D-Day

Seeing as my current state of maturity makes me the equivalent of 4 year old, there are 2 things that will guarantee my attention for a long period of time. These are Dinosaurs and Dragons. Thus, a Half Life Mod called Dino D-Day is bound to attract my attention. Although the prototype is the only thing that’s been released, I thought it was worth a look.

Sadly, this isn’t a game just about dinosaurs. If that were the case, it might just be Trespasser and nobody wants that. No, this is an accurate historic representation of what actually happened in the second world war. Yeah, you think that once the Americans joined the war everything was fine and dandy? Well, Hitler had another trick up his sleeves: Our good old fossil friends, the dinosaurs.

Yeah, you might think that I’m messing with you, but this is a mod so it’s almost guaranteed to be real. And you might think that I made this mod sound silly and over the top. That isn’t just me being pretentious and cynical. It is silly and over the top, and the music shows it. Listening to the cheesy American march, you can’t help but think this takes the mic.

There’s a brilliant way to show your intentions: Show a picture of Hitler. Anyway, this mod starts off with you by the train that you just destroyed (I think). As it continues, the joys of the Half Life Source engine are made apparent. Walking down, you can see the train wreck, and the outcome of Hitler’s weapon.

Oh no! What ever shall we do!? Well, seeing as this is an FPS mod, it involves shooting people. The mod is in Half Life, and so it seems that all they’ve done is replaced the skins and weapons. Replace Nazis with the Combine, and you’ll understand it wasn’t hard work. The AI works the same way as the Combine in HL, and thus gets the joy of playing with their lack of full intelligence.

However, the dinosaurs are slightly more interesting. As in, a lot more interesting. They don’t seem to care properly about trying to stay alive, just that they want to make sure you don’t. This is only a demo mind, so it isn’t as big as the final product will supposedly be. It doesn’t take long before you finally meet the first Dinostar: Triceratops.

And here is where you meet the second problem. The combat feels a bit dull and weak (Though with nice and accurate models of WW2 weaponry), but the dinosaurs are obvious boss battles. Triceratops is difficult to kill with bullets, but there are explosive barrels everywhere, and it charges at you. Sound familiar? It’s only the most obvious boss battle in the world.

Moving through the wreckage of the train, you can see what the evil Nazis are up to. It’s a thing of beauty that they even thought about the fact these Dinosaurs need moving. On the train that you blew up (Coincidently called the Dinosauriergruppe Train. Is that even a German word?), you can see the transportation system used for the dinosaurs.

What else have we got then? It’s impossible to do a Dinosaur game without involving the big two, the Velociraptors and the T-Rex. Even in this prototype state, they are both included. As I was saying before about the Nazis, a similar thing happens with the Velociraptors. The sound they make as they try to tear your face off is the sound of the headcrabs.

I don’t know whether it was just laziness on the part of the creators, but I found it slightly annoying. They are just a case of shooting them until they die, which doesn’t take long. The other dinostar, the T-Rex, is just another boss battle, which kind of cheapens the whole thing.

Well, should you give this a go? Well, it’s tempting to say yes because it has dinosaurs. But I don’t think I can say try the demo easily. It wasn’t anywhere near as big or impressive as I thought it would be. However, have a look at the main site here if you are tempted to give it a go, and I’ll try to update this when it gets a proper release.

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