Killer Playthrough: Mission 11

That image my friends, both terrifies me, and spoils the mission before I even started*. I know what’s going to happen now, but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t worked it out yet. This time, I’ve been given the task of killing a doctor at this mental asylum, but the Agency has just been informed that the past 3 hits were all from the same person. They don’t know who, but this is the last mission from this mystery person.

This mental asylum situation means that I’m not allowed any weapons in any way, shape or form. All I have is my trusty armour. I have a feeling I’m going to need it. Starting out isn’t hard. The first thing I’ve done is book an appointment with the target, and now I just have to make my way to him.

I’m let in by the guard because he’s nice, and I have an appointment. As I’m unarmed in anyway shape or form, I require something to use as a killing tool. Looking around the place, I see that someone carelessly left their Uzi in an unguarded laboratory. Taking that, and a syringe for good luck, I just need to find the doctor, but suddenly I see this:


Hmm. I’m not liking that. Best get out of the way. I need to find this person, kill him quick then get out of here before the cops arrive. There’s tons of patients moving around, and they make little sense. Though, one does seem to look at me strangely. Walking into the targets office, and initiating a conversation to check I have the right person, 47 suddenly realises something

Oh. This is his father? Sort of? There’s talk of experiments. That knocks me back a bit, but not as much as this:

Shit. Really not good. Okay, I need to kill this guy quietly. He tries to run, but I’m in the way, and the syringe sorts out the problem of him still breathing.

Okay, I’m worried now. Evidently, someone has set me up. I’m stealing this guy’s clothes and then his keys. I should have access to the whole hospital, plus the police won’t bother me. Walking out, that strange patient makes his way back to me.

Okay… Now I go from worried to scared. Well, he’s following me everywhere I go, so I need to find a teddy bear for him. Luckily, there’s one in the corridor behind me, so I can just pick it up and give it to him: He’s happy now, and tells me where to go. Going up to this place, it’s just a TV room, but one of the patients groans at me.

He recognises me? What? I’m confused beyond imagining. He’s asking for an antidote, and I think I should probably give it to him. The antidote is somewhere in the cage he says. That means that I need to find said cage. 5 minutes later, I realise he’s talking about that cage to the side of him.

Bingo, got this antidote. I have no idea how long it will take to act, but still, let’s inject away.

He’s suddenly coherent. Thank god for that. He starts telling me that I need to see the basement is helpful, but he doesn’t tell me where it is, saying I need to be shown because it’s hidden. He takes me for a walk through the hospital and finally takes me to the elevator.

Ah, a secret entrance you say? That sounds like fun. He takes the lift to the top and lets me go down underneath it. Let’s find out what’s inside this basement.

This mission is a strange one. I think that I can get away without killing the target (At least, checking the objectives after killing him, it didn’t say they were succeeded), but I think I missed a plot device on the way somewhere. However, I think I’m reaching the end of the game. Hopefully, everything will be concluded tomorrow.

*Though to be fair, I already knew what the climax of the game would show. It is an old game, and there have been sequels. But shush. Return to reading.

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