Killer Playthough: Mission 10

As is to be expected, my plan worked perfectly. The money has been taken to the gun runner’s boat, and now I just need to find him and kill him. It’s a simple life, the life of an assassin.

Well, it would be simple. Except he’s a paranoid git, and has decided to get hold of a nuke and plans to arm it if he thinks he’s going to get killed. He’s also planning on running away. My objectives are to kill him, disarm the nuke, take over the ship and use it to escape.

Looks like this is going to be a quick one. First of all, I need a disguise: Nobody who’s in the place doesn’t have a uniform, and there’s signs saying ‘Trespassers will be shot’. So, time to get one.

You may be wondering why I’ve now switched to the knife. Two reasons: It’s $60 cheaper, and much quicker when killing someone. Moving this guys body out of the way isn’t hard, and I can make my way to the dock. The first problem is the checkpoints. If you don’t know the password, you can’t get through. Luckily, they allow groups through, so I just need to follow someone and walk through with them.

Okay, now you get to hear my wonderful plan. The way this guy thinks is that he can just run away from an assassin like me and get out of the country as soon as someone is closing in on him. Not a chance. I know where his vehicle is, so I can use his method of thinking to my advantage.

If I kill someone and let the body be discovered, these 3 things will happen. First, the guard will run and tell him that there’s a dead body. Secondly, he’ll arm the bomb (So I’ll need to get on the boat quickly when he’s dead). Finally, he’ll make a break for the car, surrounded by guards and try to get into the car. That’s when I can ambush him.

The bomb is somewhere on this ship, but my current disguise won’t get me in. The disguise I need I’m going to get from this guy. I could kill him now, but that wouldn’t be wise. Although I need a dead body, I need one which hasn’t had its uniform stolen from it. My order of action is this:

  1. Kill the patrolling guards so that this guard is on his own
  2. Kill him and move his body to the side
  3. Go back to the car, kill the guard and leave the body on show
  4. Wait for the target to appear and kill him
  5. Go back to the disguise guard and take his uniform
  6. Disarm the nuke
  7. ????
  8. PROFIT!!!!!

There are two guards about 20 seconds apart. Killing the first and leaving his body in a findable place forces the second to stand still for a few second, meaning Mr Knife can do his work.

Okay, now there’s no chance someone will run into me while I’m moving the disguise body. Checking nobody on the ship is able to see me, the knife slits the disguise guard’s throat.

Moving his body down to the end of the dock where nobody will accidentally discover it, I can now get to the business of getting a corpse in an obvious space. Using the good old ‘Shoot round a corner trick’, the chosen guard is not long for this world.

It’s not long before someone bumps into him on their patrol. A quick look tells me that he’s worked out that the guy is dead, and he dutifully rushes off to tell his master like an obedient puppy.

It doesn’t take long for him to explain the situation, and the gun runner isn’t happy. Arming the nuke and destroying the trigger is probably a good sign that he isn’t happy.

Now, he’s just got to get over to the car. There’s a whole cohort of guards, but I don’t care about them. Using the M16A2s that the dead guards used to have, he doesn’t last long.

I’m still being shot at, but they’re still trying to get to the car. I can just leg it back to the disguise guard and steal his clothes. Now they’re looking for a suspicious level 1 guard, not a suspicious level 2 guard, which is what I look like. Time to find this bomb. It takes a quick search of the ship, but I find it in the engine room. Killing everyone inside, I start to disarm the bomb.

Right, time to just get into the captain’s seat and drive this baby home. Where is the captain’s seat? Finding it takes another minute or two, but I finally find it at the top of the ship. The captain doesn’t survive our encounter.

Bingo, now I can just drive away. Starting the engines, everything appears to be going to plan, but suddenly they cut out. A little notification appears on the dashboard saying that it was manually shut down. Bollocks. But I’m sure that everyone ran off the ship, and those that didn’t I killed…

Right, anyone still on this ship is going to die. Horribly and slowly. I A thorough combing of the ship takes 5 minutes. 6 bullets later, there’s nobody else alive on the ship. Starting the engines again, I make my way out of the dock.

Not an easy mission to be honest. The checkpoints are especially irritating. There’s also the option of not using the ambush technique, but a car bomb. There’s a big ammo stash of some sort on the map, but I didn’t like the idea of going all the way over there, plus my advisor who’s been giving hints when I’ve been stuck told me that it stops people going through the checkpoint if you raid it. Not helpful at all. Think I’m hitting the endgame though. Will I finish by Saturday?

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