Killer Playthrough: Mission 9

The joys of being an assassin is that you get to feel like a good boy when you’re taking on the immoral section of the world. From triad leaders to drug lords to terrorists. I’m helping the world. Somehow. Anyway, next target is a gunrunner.

This gun runner has gone into hiding, and there’s no way for anyone to find him. Luckily, there’s a local gang who want some more weapons, and that’s my ticket in. If I stalk them and put a GPS tracker in the briefcase of money, I should be able to work out how to get to him.

This is the guy running the sale. My job is to find the meeting, kill everyone involved before he shows up and place the tracker in here. Suffice to say, I need to keep everything clean. First things first, I need a disguise. The advantage of this operation being in a dock is that it’s hard for everyone to keep track of each other. This guy’s wandering alone, so…

The gang who want to do this trade run it out of a strip club (As you do). I have a GPS  tracking device to place on the car they’ll be using to get to the meet so I can find out where it is.

Problem is that the stupid guard on the door isn’t letting anyone near it. But this is a strip club right? I’m sure I can find a subtle distraction of some sort.

In a choice between guard duty and that, I’d probably choose that any day. She’s dancing for a while, so seeing as I can’t talk to her directly, I need an in. In any recon work you do, you can almost guarantee that any of the following will know a vital clue: Barmen, prostitutes, taxi drivers and Valets. There’s a barman right behind me, so I have a quick word.

Now, that’s what I’m after. I now have the chance to speak to her after the show in her dressing room. Moving into the dressing room, the show finishes a few minutes later, and I give her a proposition.

Bingo, he should distracted enough for me to get close to the car and place the tracker. I feel sorry for the poor guy, he looks terrified.

While they go off to have some fun (If you came here for an image of a naked lady you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a family blog. Ish), I go do my work on the car.

They finish rather quickly (No comments about that here…) and he drives off to where the meeting is going to be held. I’ve no idea where it is, but following the tracker, I see it in one of the storage facilities that is inaccessible without a key.

Now, I could find one, or I could use the dock train to smash through one of the fences. What would you choose? Switching the tracks so the train gets diverted through the fences, I get to watch one of greatest fights of our time: Train vs Fence.

So you’re aware, I record my playthrough on Fraps, and then take the screenshots from that movie. I watched this bit about 10 times, and then watched it again in slow motion. Totally worth it. Okay, now to get in and kill everyone before the gun salesman arrives.

Crap. Dogs. Is there a universal law that makes dogs almost impossible to beat without losing all your health? Shooting them is my only option, but they take a whole load of my health. I hate dogs. Taking the tracker back off the car, I move into the building. Then, it’s a case of letting the berretta do its work.

Okay, now to start the clean up. He’s notoriously jittery this guy, and it’d be helpful if nobody knew that I’ve taken this meeting over. I’m told he’s on his way

Dragging bodies is endlessly entertaining. I think the best bet would be to take them over in the corner. With about 30 seconds to spare, they’re all piled up and hidden.

It’s a nice pile up. Only job left is taking the tracker and placing it inside the briefcase, which I manage just before the door opens. He’s not a nice man, and shouts like a crying baby for the money, which I hand over.

He doesn’t suspect a thing. Just got to make my way to the rendezvous and get out.

I’m scared now, that’s 4 missions in a row where everything went according to plan. I’m either getting good at this or the game has got easier. The dogs are a mighty pain in the arse though, plus there’s no stealthy way of killing everyone in the building. On to the next mission then!

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