Killer Playthrough: Mission 8

There are two answers to your questions of ‘Where the hell is mission 7!?’: 1. The magical fairies took it and hid it from the view of stupid people like you. 2. As it appears that there is no way of completing Mission 7 without causing a firefight that ends in my death (4 days worth of trying is my clincher), I turned God and Invisible mode on and completed it that way. The answer to the next question is ‘Yes, I do feel empty inside’. So, now imagine that I actually did kill that Drug Lord and move on.

The next mission takes place during a peace summit. As well as making stupid levels, it appears EIDOS are also skilled at a sense of irony. However, my target isn’t any of the members of the summit; there’s a terrorist who’s planning on killing each and every one of them, and he’s the one I’m after. I’ve not suddenly got a sentimental streak, there’s someone who doesn’t want that to happen. The Agency normally wouldn’t accept that as a contract, but it might be a good way of getting hold of some new clientale.

However, my objectives aren’t just to kill him, I need to take the chemical bomb he’s planning on using and take it with me. Seeing as there is a summit on, I need to be careful with what I do while moving about. There are metal detectors covering most routes, so taking guns with me is not a good idea, unless I want to get discovered. To begin with, I need to find out where he is. Walking around the hotel, I see one of the porters.

One of the interesting things about porters is how they usually have master keys. Seeing as this man is doing the rounds at the moment, I can probably steal his as he tidies a room. It might mean that he loses his job, but seeing as I’ll probablyget paid for this one job more than he’ll get paid for the rest of the year…

Thinking back on it, that wasn’t a good thought process. Oh well. Now, he mentioned that he doesn’t mind people coming in and changing the towels, so I need a uniform. Spotting another porter coming out of a cupboard, I go inside and notice a spare uniform. That’s useful:

Okay, I’m now disguised. I just need a weapon. I didn’t bring one, but most guards have one, so I stalk one who’s on patrol and wait for him to be alone in a corridor. I have a master key, so I can dump his body in any of these rooms. I don’t know how long it’ll take for it to be discovered, but I’ll just have to do my best.

I wish I had a different way of doing it, but I’m stuck with it. Ah well. I pick up his gun and hide it in my jacket. Right, this terrorist is in room 202.  On the door is a surly guard, but he buys the story of me bringing fresh towels to the room.

The door closes, and I’m left alone with this man. Pulling out the gun I stole from the cop, he doesn’t live long.

Well, that should sort out the first objective. As a guard comes in and tries to work out what just happened, I have a look around. There’s no bomb here, but there is a dentist’s business card. It might just be a coincidence, but then again it might not. Wait a second. Did I actually kill the right person? Crap. I move into the bathroom and see an image that I’m unlikely to forget in a hurry, especially without therapy.

Bollocks, he’s the target, and now there are 2 other people in the room, who don’t seem to want to leave. Guess I’m stuck to using that gun again.

So 5 deaths already, 2 of which were avoidable and one that was just because I needed a gun. Oh well, time to go speak to this dentist. Finding his office, there is a thug blocking entrance, so I talk to the receptionist.

Well, if he’s in the sauna, I’d best go have a proper talk with him. Going down to the pool, I get told that I have to change into proper pool attire before I’m allowed in. So, that’s another memory that I’ll need to repress then, thanks EIDOS. I find him in the sauna and have a quick word with him.

He doesn’t tell me anything about the bomb, but does tell me that he has a weak heart and I notice he has a key. Well, it’d be a problem if there was a way of turning the heat up and he died wouldn’t it? Oh look, my finger slipped on this valve marked ‘Heat’.

Checking his body, I take the key and now make my way back to his office. The thug doesn’t seem to want to move, so I need another way through. Walking around on the roof, I notice that the window is open. Well, that’s useful.

There’s a guard in here, and I probably need to take him out before he makes a fuss and alerts the one on the main door. It’s also probably useful for me to take his clothes, just in case. Mr Fibre-Wire, do your work.

Well, he’s out of the way. Searching the office, I see that there is a room marked X-Ray chamber. What a coincidence, that key that I picked up from the dentist is marked X-Ray chamber as well. Who’d have thought it eh?

That looks like a bomb to me. I just need to grab that and run. There couldn’t possibly be a problem with that right? I mean, if someone sees me, there won-

Yeah, a guard seeing you with a bomb actually isn’t that good, especially since he has a gun and I don’t. Running like hell is my only option. It’s not long before I reach the front of the hotel and make my way into the road where a limo swings by to pick me up.

So, I’ve now escaped, and the Agency can now pay me.

Not a bad run. Things I should have done: There’s probably a way for me to get into the hotel with a gun, but I wasn’t planning on risking it. There’s also a bomb carry case in the room, and I should’ve taken that with me. Everything else went to plan though. Except for the bit where I had to run through the hotel with a bomb in my arms.

    • Ains
    • April 6th, 2010

    I love this mission. You cannot get a gun through the front door, but you can go straight to the roof and take the guard from inside the clinic and his gun and his suit. I always went into room 202 via the balcony from the next room, stole the silent pistol on the table there, and pew, shower room, pew. Then it’s only a case of taking the case, getting the xray room key, and leaving, via the kitchen for a quiet one or the front door for cinematic shootyness.
    Good play through by the way, even if you did cheat, always take the silent 9mm if you can with a few clips just for taking out guards in areas where you have too, single headshot. You can also draw and shot before they sound the alarm if you line everything up nicely. Even from infront of then if you’re fast.

    • It is a brilliant mission. I always do take a silent pistol, but I saw the fact they had a damn metal detector anyway. It was fun when I got to the end and ran through with this bomb in my hand. The limo drove away and there were 20 guards firing at me.

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