Genre Breaker

Although I’m planning on continuing my play through of Hitman, I won’t be today because something apparent came up in the next level (The fact that I can’t finish it has absolutely nothing to do with it. No sir) that I’ve got to somehow complete. There are times when amazing games are let down by a very poor decisions, and I’ve just hit one of the most annoying types: A sudden change of genre.

If you haven’t played the original Hitman, where I left off is the assassination of the Drug Lord. I’ve been trying it since about Friday (I’m allowed to do things ahead of time aren’t I?), but I’m completely stuck about how to approach it. Why, I hear the schizophrenic tendencies in my arm ask? There is no way to complete this mission without pulling out a gun and starting a big shoot out.

Now, I’m fully appreciative of an attempt to diversify and get more people to like your game. However, if you make a damn stealth game, don’t do that. I’m a bleeding Hitman, not a psychotic man with homicidal tendencies*. I’m not saying that a big shoot out shouldn’t be an option. I disagree that this should be the only way to do it.  Every time I played a Hitman game, or anything like it in fact (I say that, I’ve only played Splinter Cell. Briefly), I tried my hardest to do it the way nature intended: With stealth, killing as few people as possible and without anyone seeing me and surviving. The only way of completing the level is to kill everyone in the two locations you need to do something important at. Clearing the first is easy, the second not so much.

This idea is something that should be curbed and discouraged (Trust me, if you leave one person alive and they see you, you get killed pretty quick. The base has snipers for chrissake), or just changed. In the latest Hitman, one of the last missions involves a shoot out being forced upon you. However, it doesn’t make the rest of the level difficult. As this wasn’t something you expected, the two shoot outs are contained in areas where there’s some sort of excuse for nobody knowing about what goes on inside them (It’s either soundproofed or you have to use melee weapons).

So, hopefully tomorrow you’ll see my completing the level, but bad design decisions where you get forced into a bad situation like this is something that I hope has been curbed from the design world.

*I’m reminded of the Team Fortress 2 video ‘Meet the Sniper’, where he’s on the phone to his parents and says “No Dad, I’m a hitman, not a psychopath. What’d you mean what’s the dif- One’s a profession and the other’s a mental problem”. Return to reading.

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