Killer Playthrough: Mission 6

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all.

Well, now I know where to go, I should probably start to make my way through the jungle to this Drug Lord’s base. However, the Agency have decided to wait until now to tell me that there actually is a god in this section: It just happens to be a jaguar. Well, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. As long as I stay out of it’s way I should easily get the chance to get past it and not become a new little toy for this god. Oh boy, this should be fun. 10 pounds says that it stands right in front of the secret entrance.

Something I wish that I’d been aware of beforehand is that any equipment I had last time is carried through to this level, thus I’ve started with my fiberwire, M60 and a soldier’s uniform. Checking the map, I move towards where the secret entrance is meant to be, and win 10 pounds for doing so.

The bit that I don’t like isn’t that the jaguar is standing in my way, but more the bit where the floor in front of it is covered in blood. Looks like I’ll need to use some way of getting past it. I think my best bet will involve something that was recently alive being used as a distraction. I did see some wild fauna before though, so I think it’s best done by that; little chance of someone noticing a dead body, and nobody should mind me carrying a dead animal. Mr M60, do your work:

Looking good then, except that the sound of gunfire and a death scream did alert a guard, who looks at me oddly. I feign innocence.

Well, now to take that wild pig and offer it to the jaguar. Picking it up, I drop my M60. Ah. That wasn’t in the plan. Looks like I have to either take the M60 or take the pig. If I’m about to make my way into a heavily guarded base though, I should be able to grab some guns there. The pig it is then.

Offering it to the jaguar, he becomes too interested in his next meal to be worried about me, so I can nip past him and go through the tunnel.

Another easy level then. Looking back on it, I could probably have moved the pig to just outside the jaguar’s range and then gone back and picked up the M60, and kept switching, but hindsight will always do that. I’m hoping this next level is going to be a bit more of a challenge. I feel like I’ve slightly cheated you all with this post, so I’ll try my best to do the next one for later today.

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