Killer Playthrough: Mission 5

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all.

With Lee Hong out of the way, I can now move on to the next contract. This time, I get to rid the world of a Columbian Drug Lord (Is that the subtle sound of a stereotype I hear?). No qualms about that here. Since he’s a drug lord, he naturally has his own army. Like Hong, I can’t just walk into his base, shoot him in the face and get out. My first job is to get into his base in the rain forest without using the front door.

The method used by this guy is to take an artefact of some kind, hollow it out, fill it with drugs and then transport it. It’s a brilliant plan, but he has a habit of taking religious icons from local tribes, which doesn’t quite endear him to them. His last steal was a gold icon which he stole from a local tribe, which they would quite like back. Since they’ve been around for a long time, they might know a secret way to get to his base.

Lucky for me, the plane carrying that Icon crashed (Anyone would think the Agency had a hand in it…). Seeing as it was full of weapons as well as drugs, the soldiers under the Drug Lord are looking for it to bring it back and send off again. All I have to do is find it first.

The map the Agency gives me shows where it’s likely the crash site is. I’m basically going to have to race against the soldiers to get there first. After being dropped in, it’s just a case of moving at speed until I get to the probable location. The map is correct, since it’s not long before I find this:

Bingo. And it looks like I’m miles ahead of the soldiers. The idol is just inside, so I pick it up and have a look around for this tribe. About 2 minutes later a pop up informs me that the crash site has been secured by the soldiers, so I think I’ve done pretty well for myself. Finding the tribe in the upper right corner of the map, they seem pretty wary of me, and don’t let me in until I show them the idol.

Well, now I’m sorted. If I take this to the chieftain, I should be able to get the information I need nice and easily. I appear to have arrived during some burial chant or similar, so but they all appear to be bowing down to me. The chieftain takes the idol from me, and asks for one more favour.

Well, seeing as he’s got most of the cards, I should probably do what he says. His brother is held captive by some of the soldiers, probably for trying to steal the idol back from them. I don’t care about the details though, and I don’t really care about the fact he’s a hostage; I just need to work out how to get to the target.

He’s being held right there in the orange circle. I’m almost certain that I’m going to need a disguise and a gun of some sort, seeing as I just came in with a fibre wire. The gun part should be fairly simple; the map is littered with weapon caches, so a quick trip to one, and I strike gold.

An M60: Perfect for when you need to shoot someone a lot of times in the face. I’m also going to need a disguise or similar. It doesn’t take long before I notice that there are two guards just standing on their own. A quick pull of the trigger and…

Well, now I have a disguise. Time to make my way to this hostage and set him free then. If I’m lucky there should only be one or two guards who’re lookin-

Eidos, do you hate me or something? Every single bloody time I have a plan, you have to make it a damn pain to pull it off by adding some more guards. The M60 is good, but it’ll make my life much simpler if they’re all grouped. It’s not a hard task. There’s a guard in a little guard tower just behind me. Getting out of sight, the M60 spits out a few bullets, raising the alarm.

Well, that’s one down: Just another 6 or so to go. They’re all happy to go over to him and have a look at that dead body, and they’re all nicely grouped. The M60 takes care of the rest.

That’s everyone down now, and the hostage makes his way back to the tribe. I appear to be completely sorted now, so I just follow him back to the chieftain.

He’s very grateful, and tells me the path through to the Drug Lord, but warns me that it’ll take me over holy ground, so I shouldn’t annoy the Gods. Feh, they’re only Aztec Gods right?

I think this is the first time pretty much everything went to plan. The key to this is speed: If you don’t get to the crash site first you’re likely to be screwed. I walked past it on my way to the hostage and there are plenty of guards, each of whom can be seen by at least one other person, meaning you’ve got almost no way of taking them all down without getting shot at, which is a quick way to die. However, this is a nice and easy mission, and a welcome slow down after the Hong assassination.

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