Killer Playthrough: Mission 4

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all. 

Finally, I get a shot at this guy. The police don’t want to have anything to do with the guy who ordered a hit on the chief, and the Blue triad isn’t happy with them. Looks like all I have to do is take him down. The full contract is to take this guy out and steal his Jade figurine. The figurine is supposedly powerful in terms of money and influence, so the person who pulled this contract wants it.

There’s also intelligence that another agent of some description is in the basement after trying to get said figurine. I have 4 objectives: Get the combination for the safe, get the agent out, take the figurine and take it to an undercover man in the herbal shop and kill Lee Hong. The interesting bit that I notice from the intelligence that there’s a brothel, and Mr Hong likes his ladies. I go into the restaurant and speak to the barman.

Well, suggestions of where to get laid are never going to end badly from past experience. What usually happens is that whores tend to be annoyed and have information, which if you help them escape they’ll gladly let you know. Asking the barman for any more information leads to this:

That’s really not good. Although I now know where this agent is (Hopefully it is anyway), it shows that they’re willing to take matters into their own hands. So, probably if this buggers up I’ll get shot an awful lot. Business as usual then it seems. So, best go into the brothel and see what would happen.

I personally hate images like that, but seeing as I had to suffer it, you can too. Stereotypes abound, I just move on. I walk past another guard before going through another door. It looks to me like nobody’s walking around, but killing him seems pointless at the moment. Going up to the main hall of the brothel, I see this:

If I were reviewing this game on just the inclusion of stereotypes I think it’d get full marks. Ah well. I get told to follow her to her room by the mother superior of pimps, and the price will be added to my bill. So, not only am I going to kill the owner, I’m also going to get laid at his expense? I like the idea of this job. In the bedroom, we start talking, and surprise surprise, she wants out, and has information for me, namely the safe combination.

Looks like it’s time to run and try and get out over the roof then. She knows where to go, so I follow her. She walks through a door, and as such I try and follow her, but sadly:

Ah. Not good. Not only is the guy unaware that the door isn’t closed at all, I can’t get outside over the roof. So, what should I try now? That guard from before looks like he might be not long for this world after all. He hasn’t moved at all, and after watching for a few minutes, nobody seems to be patrolling this section. Mr Fibre-wire, meet Mr Guard.

Just to be on the safe side, I’d like to make it look as if he just fell down the stairs.

Moving back to that guarded door after stealing his clothes, I’m not blocked from moving through. Thus I’ve now got the chance to run through with this broad and help her escape. Moving over the roof and into the backyard though, a potential problem shows itself:

While she runs off to go hide, I need to take this guy down. He doesn’t seem to mind me being here, so a quick strangle should solve this issue.

Moving his body to the side, I now have a top level disguise, so I should be allowed access to everywhere. Best move back to the woman and sort out what the combination is. She gladly gives it to me and runs off after giving me a kiss. I’ll let 47’s expression let you know how he felt.

Okay, now to find this agent. He’s in the basement, so I make my way past the entrance to the brothel, down the stairs and have a look around. It’s not long before I work out where he’s likely to be.

Nobody’s allowed in there it seems. In that case, that should be a perfect place to hide a body. There’s one other guard who could possibly see me, so timing is important. He’s on a regular patrol, and he’s usually off checking some corner for rabbits or whatever for 30 seconds. Seeing as he’s now out of the way:

Bingo. I quickly open the door and drag him through it, into this room where there’s just a man stuck in some stocks, only wearing underwear coloured after the American flag. At this point, I’ve started to keep track of the stereotypes that keep on getting thrown at me. After a quick chat, he lets me know where the safe containing the figurine is.

Now I know where it is, I let him out and start to move towards it. Finding the guard’s quarters doesn’t take long, and nobody appears to care that they’ve suddenly got a new recruit as a triad member, but no complaints. Well, as long as there aren’t many guards guarding th-

Ah. That’s really not good. 3 guards guarding it. I’m unlikely to be able to fire off 3 headshots without at least one of them firing at me, thus alerting the guards. It looks like one is on a regular patrol though, so I can get rid of one. Whether I can get the other two is a matter for a different time. As he moves, I catch him on his own and pull out the trusty fibre wire. Which he sees, and pulls out a gun. Damn damn damn damn. I’ll have to shoot him then.

Somehow the guards don’t seem to mind that there’s been shooting and a death scream, yet the guard who left hasn’t returned. Ah well. I think I’m stuck with the same solution as the one I used yesterday, the good old ‘Lean round the corner and shoot them in the head and pray that Hitman is broken enough to let me get away with it’.

Turns out it is. Now I just need to take this last guy down before he heads- Crap, he’s making a break for it. This is going to get messy. There are more guards outside and I don’t want him to get out and let Lee Hong know what’s going on.

Well, he’s met his maker. Back to the job in hand then. I know the combination, so it’s just a matter of going to the safe and opening it, revealing:

That is a nice figurine. Sadly, I can’t keep it. Best make my move back to the herbal shop. As I do so, I notice this:

That is not good at all, especially as he’s just ran away and I can’t get a shot at him. Argh! That’s really not good. If he gets to Hong, he’ll find out what’s going on, and I’ll be in big trouble. But the alarm has been raised, and the damage is done:

Well, if that’s the case, I can’t just stroll into his house and take him down. That’s a secondary matter at the moment anyway. I need to pass on the figurine. The herbal shop owner is quite happy to see me, and takes the figurine off me. I ask for some pointers on how to get to Hong. He gives a typical Chinese proverb about fox’s dens having more than one entrance, leading to the information the basement has another way to get to the HQ. He also hints at the idea of poison:

Well, in that case, that should be a nice easy way of getting to the main man without shooting him in the face. As I walk out, he arrives:

This is looking good, except that fat guy looks like he’ll be a bit of a problem. In the intelligence videos that I took, he was a lot more perceptive than Hong, so he’s probably going to be a pain in the backside. They appear to be waiting for food anyway. Which I’m sure will taste much better with a few additives. The chef doesn’t let anyone but the waiter touch the food though, so I’m going to need another disguise.

Seeing as the other waiter also appears to suffering from rapid bowel movements, this body needs hiding. Typical hiding place is a toilet cubicle then. No points for originality in this game. Going back to the kitchen, the chef shouts at me to take Hong his soup. Picking it up, and adding the latest in cookery fashion ‘47 new ways to die flavouring’ I take it to him. It all goes well, except that stupid fat bodyguard tastes the soup first. And starts choking, pulls out a gun with his dying breaths and takes a shot at me:

I’m not liking this idea anymore. Hong runs, and I start after him, but the bodyguard is still clinging to life and grabs my legs. Stealing his gun, I shoot him in the head. Now I’m in trouble. It’s highly likely that all the guards are going to be looking for this waiter. Again, Hitman shows how broken it is, and nobody seems to notice. Well, best to get the Red disguise back on and make my way back into the basement. The lift to the HQ is at the other end, and I get up to the top floor where Hong is without any more difficulties. Time to use the same tactic as last time then.

Looks like my work here is done, so I can safely make my way to the escape vehicle.

Again, not as good as I could have possibly done. This is a damn hard mission to play. It took me all of yesterday to play this level and get it right. I know a lot about how it all works, but the real clincher is that the safe is a bit of a git to get right. There are a fair few around the restaurant, and whichever the game decides is the correct one makes the rest of the level much easier. The easiest just has one looking after it, but I ended up with the hardest. However, it’s done now, and you have no idea how glad I am about this.

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