Killer Playthrough: Mission 3

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all.

The counter hit idea worked perfectly. The triads are now at war with each other, something which the chief of police isn’t particularly happy about. This guy isn’t just a man who can walk through a corkscrew sideways; he’s one of those doing the financially sound, but fatally stupid thing of being on both triads payroll. So, he’s trying to get this war cancelled so he can rake in the dough, and also not get killed, which he’s attempting by holding a meeting in neutral territory.

Seeing as I’ve put a load of hard work into this war, I’m not about to let that happen. The other problem is that my main target (The leader of the Red triad, remember?) is under police protection. Solution? This hit will look like a Red triad hit, and its targets will be the Blue negotiator, and the Chief of Police. The objectives are to kill every member of the meet, hide the body of the Red negotiator and drop a red amulet at the location of the meet.

This is where they plan on holding this meeting, a local restaurant. Since they haven’t got here yet, I go inside and have a look around. I can’t see anywhere I can hide or similar. However, I did have a look around the outside and saw this.

Now, that window looks like it should be easy to climb in through. In the spirit of inquiry, I test this. And realise that I’m stuck in a toilet. This isn’t high on my list of ways to solve the problem of a target having the disease of life. Which idiot decided to lock the damn door? I climb out and go back into the restaurant, I ask the barman for the key.

Just as I do so I get a notification that the targets are arriving. I go for a walk and try to find the negotiator. It’s probably best if I try to take the red one out before he gets to the restaurant, especially as I ran into the blue guy on my way to find him. Once I finally meet the red target, who is just walking down the street with nobody around to see me strangle him. Which I do.

I take his clothes and start to move him out of the way of the street. The joy of moving him is not something I want to do, but leaving him in the middle of the street is probably a brilliant way of getting caught, so I move him into the side street, looking for a manhole or something similar to dump hi-

Not good. Looks like I’ll have to dump him and run. Luckily, the guard didn’t see me dragging this body. So, although they’re on alert they aren’t after me at the moment. The critical phrase there being ‘at the moment’. Time to make my way into the restaurant through that window I think.

Now, I have a great little gun here that is itching to let loose some bullets and kill the targets. Opening the door and leaning out, I squeeze the trigger…

… And again…

…Time to make my escape. I need to drop off the amulet, so I walk out and drop it on the floor. The barman seems non-plussed that two people were just shot right in front of him. In fact, nobody seems to have put it together that the person who shot the bullets came from the bathroom.

So, now to make my way out and get to the escape vehicle, which is only round the corner. Getting to the vehicle, the happy feelings that I’ve been feeling are quickly subsided when I see this screen.

Yeah, I should probably have remembered that I need to hide the body of the Red target. Not a smart move, not a smart move at all. So, now I have to move that body, with the police on a state of alert. That’s almost as perfect as being forced to listen to JLS. So, I’d best go move that body. As I do so, I get the great pleasure of being hit by a bullet. Bollocks. Bollocks bollocks bollocks.

So now that guard just saw me moving that body. Which means that I’m now being shot at. We’re now in JLS perfection territory. I do have a plan though. If I can get away from the guard for just long enough to get to my original clothes I can change back and nobody will be any the wiser. Playing cat and mouse with him round the block is endlessly entertaining and I finally get the chance to change back.

It worked. Now, to get this damn body down the manhole nearby, I’m going to have to wait a few minutes as the crowd stop noticing him and telling a policeman. Finally I get the chance and drag him down, leaving me with the chance to get back to the car.

It’s times like these that you realise that you should always check your objectives. I also think there must be a better way of doing it, but again, I couldn’t see any. If the hiding of the body wasn’t needed then I could just wait for the negotiator to get to the restaurant and take them all down. What it has highlighted is some of the bugs that Hitman has. Especially the pop-up I got while trying to change my clothes back to the original suit:

At that point, all three parties were dead. I think it was cancelled anyway.

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