Killer Playthrough: Mission 2

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all.

The hit on the Red Triad’s negotiator appears to have worked fully. The triad boss is quite worried now that he’ll get blamed for the hit, and so has sent a negotiator to the Red’s restaurant to apologise for the death. How does this involve me I hear you ask? Simple, I have the wonderful job of killing that negotiator to make it seem like a counter attack.

The sketchy details I’ve been given state that he’s going to arrive in a limo, and the agency are quite happy to let me buy a car bomb, solving the problem of making him meet his maker. However, I’ve been given the task of also killing all the triad members who are supposed to guard him. Why this is so I don’t know, but seeing as I get paid for it I’m not complaining.

Arriving in the area, I start to take a look around. Those guards look like they might be trouble, but they’re secondary targets so taking those out now before I take down the negotiator wouldn’t be wise, just in case he gets spooked. I have a quick look around before he arrives, and make my way to the restaurant. I personally love Chow Mein so, I’m hoping that I can grab a quick bite to eat before taking on the triad, however the doormen have other ideas.

I have a big urge to pull out a gun and shoot him now for not letting me eat, but seeing as that’ll make life a bit more difficult later on, I suppress it. While I’m mulling over the ways in which I want this person to die horribly and slowly (Being fed acid features highly, beaten only by wrapping him in cotton and dangling him above some kittens), the target arrives.

As an aside, I don’t photoshop these images at all. Hitman definitely gives you those arrows straight away. I don’t use Paint. No sir. Back to the matter at hand, the targets arrived. Seeing as I have got my brilliant little car bomb, I need to find a way of getting it into the car. As soon as I move forward to get to the driver’s seat, I get accosted by the man who’s looking after the car.

Right, so it seems that putting a bomb in his car while obviously being a strange bald man is going to be hard. However, I did notice the driver moving away. If I could steal his clothes then maybe I’ll have a chance of getting to the car and putting the little boom box in there. I have a look around, and notice the driver being completely decent and not doing anything at all.

The bit that I found strange wasn’t that the driver didn’t realise there was someone behind but, but that the civilian next to him doesn’t even notice what he’s doing. Seeing as I’d rather not be seen taking his clothes (Especially as the act of getting rid of him is likely to be an act that I don’t want people to see), I wait a few seconds for that stranger to move on, before introducing Mr Fibre-Wire to the Driver.

Taking his clothes, I move back to the limo. Again, being seen putting a bomb in the limo isn’t on my list of things to do, so I play cat and mouse with the guard until he’s on the other side of the limo, before taking the bomb and placing it beneath the driver’s seat.

So, with that out of the way, I can work out how I’m planning on sorting out those guards. In my little reconnaissance that I did before, I noticed that someone foolishly left a sniper rifle and one clip in an alley somewhere. That looks like it’s a perfect way of taking them out. Just as I’m going to pick it up, I get a little pop up.

Well, looks to me like they had a nice meal, and maybe the apology went alright. It’s probably in my best interests to wait a few seconds so I can take all of them out in one blast and not have to work out how to take out any stragglers. 10 seconds should do it.

Well, looks to me like we won’t have to worry about anyone there again. So, now to take on those last few guards. I think I counted 4 of them, and I have 7 sniper bullets, more than enough to take them out and get clear without any messy bits, except maybe the brain splatter.

Annoyingly, there’s a civilian ahead of me, and this bullet is going to wizz past him. Although that civilian is there, I’m not planning on waiting around. It’s only a matter of time before the Red Triad have a look around and notice this bald man with a sniper rifle in his hand. One shot takes down the first. The civilian runs away to go tell someone. The second shot misses, because Agent 47 obviously hasn’t been taking marksmanship lessons. The third hits the next in the chest, so one more bullet is needed to knock him down. The next one goes over number 3’s shoulder and buries itself in the wall. They still haven’t worked out what’s going on, and are standing there looking confused. It takes me another 2 misses and one shot to hit the next in the head. I line up the next one and – Click. Click. Click click click. Bollocks. Mayhaps I should’ve been keeping count of the number of bullets I had.

I just have the one little gun that I took from the driver as my last resort. Looks like this will get messy after all. As such, I’m forced to run up to him and have a quick shoot out. I unload a clip in his general direction, leading the Red Triad members to hear the shooting and start to run after me. Not good, but I’m just next to the escape route, so I leg it.

It looks like I probably didn’t do my best there. In the ideal world there should be a way for me to put the bomb in the car without killing the driver. In that case I can just let the driver drive and take all of them out in one go when the car gets close. But it’s easy to look back and see how I should’ve done it, much harder to actually do it.

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