Killer Playthrough: Mission 1

As a break from writing articles (And the fact that it’s the college holidays), this week I will be playing the original Hitman. There shall be a post everyday from Monday to Saturday this week, where I will play at least one level, and hopefully complete it. This idea is not stolen from Gaming Daily at all.
As a gentle introduction to the world of a trained assassin, the first main hit is a triad boss. The plan is to force a war between the triads in Hong Kong so he comes out from hiding to meet Mr Sniper Rifle. Why can’t I just kill him now you ask? Simple. If it’s obviously a hit, then they’ll come and find me to introduce me to Mr Fist and his lovely girlfriend Mrs Bullet-to-the-face. If it’s a war, then he’s just a casualty, and they’ll blame the other side.
To start off this war, relations between the triads (Red and Blue) needs to be a bit more…strained. They currently plan on kissing and making up, something I’m not planning on letting happen. The first meet between the two negotiators is in the park. Perfect time for a little bit of assassination right? And it’ll look just like a planned hit from the Blue Triad to the other. My objectives are simple: Kill the Red triad’s negotiator, but leave the Blue one alive.
My planning revolves around that well known saying ‘Crumpets should be eaten hot. Also, time spent on reconnaissance is rarely wasted’. The two negotiators won’t arrive for a little bit, so I plan on having a look around and seeing what’s what. The meet is going to be right here:
There are 3 options:
1. Plant a bomb:
The agency don’t trust me enough with explosives yet, so I don’t have the opportunity to buy a bomb. The fact I’d have to keep the Blue negotiator alive is also a pretty big factor. I don’t know who’s going to stand where, and where to place the bomb to kill one not the other.
2. Go in guns blazing
I’m almost certain that way is the quickest way to an early grave. There’s going to be guards, probably all armed with automatic weapons, plus the Blue negotiator will shoot me and follow me back to the escape route. Let’s not also forget that I like the idea of being silent.
3. Find a high spot and use a Sniper Rifle
Lucky for me there’s a lift to a rooftop nearby. As long as I can get the sniper out and back in again after the hit, nobody need know it was me.
The sniper rifle route seems to be the best one, since it has both a high chance of killing the guy without allowing the guards to give me one of the less fatal version of death. As I’m deciding, a car pulls up.
That’s the blue negotiator it seems. He gets here first, but it’s not long before…
There’s my target. As he’s walking to the spot for the meet to begin, I call the lift and go up to the roof. I get the sniper rifle ready, get in a position where I can see him and put the scope up to my eyes.
There’s always that brief moment before you pull the trigger when you have to be certain that you’ve got the right person.
Almost certain it’s him. So, I need this to be a one shot. I can’t waste time having to shoot more than once in case the guards work out where the bullets are coming from. It’s even more likely he’ll escape if he’s not dead in one shot.
I wonder, does hair act as a perfect shield for sniper fire. Only one way to find out.
Nope. He’s down, and the negotiator looks a bit shocked. Well, that’s one bad deed for the day done, let’s just pack this away and get moving befor-
Bugger. That’s probably not bad news. Then again, helicopters aren’t that quick, so I can probably get clear befor-
Bollocks. That’s really not helpful. Especially the part where he motions to the driver and cocks the gun. I press the button to send the lift down to the ground and pray to God that he doesn’t open fire. Which, because of my prayers, luckiness or the fact that a lot of Hitman’s AI is a bit crap, happens. I start to walk back to the escape route and notice that even the civilians aren’t that fussed
Then again, racial stereotyping is obviously a strong part of EIDOS’s philosophy. Those whiskers are a bit strange. Getting back to the escape vehicle, the laptop confirms my success
So, I’m now 11400 [insert currency here] richer, and it looks like I’ll be moving on the next target nice and easily. Not a bad start to this week then…

    • Javaguy
    • March 29th, 2010

    Ains used to enjoy bragging about how he did that mission with only one bullet. I took several, shot several at them at the guy in the chopper, missed every time then died.

    Then I never played Hitman again. (Not the first, anyway)

  1. If I’m honest Java, I’ve succeeded in this mission about 4 times before. The other 12 we won’t speak about.

    As this goes on I’m expecting at least one post to be ‘And this is how I failed miserably at mission [x]’. Then again, if I enjoy it, then I might continue it into next week. Depends what readership is like.

    • Ains
    • March 29th, 2010

    Hitman 1 is great fun, especially if you abuse the broken aspects. It may be rubbish compared to later Hitman games but it still makes me happy, in my pants.
    Everyone has a shitty first run through, where you have to make do on minimul amounts of cash. It’s the later run throughs where you se ehow much excess cash you can have thats tactical.

    • I’m not doing badly money wise. The first two I’ve redone for the sake of completeness for this week.

      Exploting bugs is really good. You’ll see a great example on Wednesday.

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