An interesting question was put to me this week: What’s my favourite game? It’s akin to asking me what my favourite film/band/breed of dog is: Give me 3 weeks to think and I’ll still not have an answer for you. As it stands, Uplink, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead are fighting each other over a crown that even less people care about than a healthy dog with a bone. Even though I’m trying to work out which I like best, one of the things that’s always interested me is how people choose their favourite games. I know that makes me a sad man. However, I think I can narrow it down to several archetypes. I fully agree with the fact that everyone is entitled their own opinion. Only as long as it agrees with me.

Graphic Geeks

These people are the one’s who I want to kick in the face for being idiots. One of the first posts I wrote here was about Graphics. The Graphics Geeks are the one’s who reach orgasm when they have an almost lifelike game in front of them. When Crysis came out these were the people who were telling the world how they’d found an amazing game. Far Cry’s amazing vistas of the desert made them run into the streets screaming that it was the second coming of Jesus etc.I don’t think they’re idiots per se (Well I do, but they might read this. Shush, don’t tell them), but I worry about the fact that covering things in prettyness is a quick way to someone’s heart.

Story Tellers

If the Graphics Geeks orgasm over pretty scenery, this bunch would like to marry a big and engaging story. I like to think I’m one of these myself. Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate and most RPGs make us want to go and buy a ring, find the writers and propose to them. The idea here is that a game isn’t just some flashing images, but an interactive book in which we’re sort of in control. The only problem with a Story Teller is that sometimes a great story is wrapped within a stinking pile of crap, either that or it goes to hell (See Farenheit for an almost perfect example).

Fun Men

Like a bunch of heroin addicts, the fun men are just after the next hit. These are the people who don’t care that the latest AAA title has just been released, because PopCap got their claws into them and gave them their games made of happiness and joy. Their favourite game’s are those that give the most amount of fun in the quickest amount of time. As such, they want to have little fun things, so Peggle and similar are the greatest games for them

There’s a lot more that I’ve missed out. I wonder where we all land?

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