Just Cause I Can

Just Cause is a godsend for people like me who look for pathetic puns. Even though everyone else will be going for exactly the same puns that you’ll see over the next 500 or so words. I feel sorry for you poor reader. So sorry. Just cos the world is full of dictatorships, a good old spanish 007 lookalike has to solve it, and somehow that means that the game should be called Just Cause, meaning that every games writer who has no better jokes to write is stuck with pathetic puns about that title*.

This last week had the release of the Just Cause 2 demo, which I’ve had 2 full playthroughs and one hacked playthrough (Don’t judge me). What can I say about it? All sorts of things, most of them good. So, while you go to Steam and download it, you can read this. What’s changed? Not a lot in the main ideas behind it. The good old ideal of a regime change while part of a black ops style operation is still the backstory, and the formula of infinite use = infinite fun is still in use. What has changed is the level of style.

It looks much prettier (As you’d expect from a DX10 only game and one which is 4 years older), but the big thing is that the most annoying things about the original, like the fact that you could play through all the main missions and miss almost nothing. You can now only unlock the main and faction missions by causing chaos. That’s the fancy word for explosion. Honest. I have a feeling that in the main game that could get annoying, but for now it made explosions compulsory. If that’s a bad thing, then shoot me.

Shooting wise, it’s the same thing. The guns haven’t really got better. There’s still the fact that there isn’t much feedback from the guns (and the damn annoying thing about guns in game actually firing peas as opposed to bullets) was annoying, and the weapon switching was a bit crazy and I couldn’t always get it to work, but pretty much everything worked and most of the battles were vaguely fun. What did make it fun was the joys of the grapple.

The grapple is either a way of moving from A to B without using your legs, or a method of attaching A to B, leading to hilarity. Almost everything is attachable, especially an enemy to a moving vehicle. Or an enemy to one of those gas canisters that shoot up in the air when you put a bullet in it. Both of these times (And the many more you find), you are legally obliged to cackle like a madman. Just cause Tom Francis was giggling in these two posts, and I have a feeling that he still is now.

All in all, I have a feeling that I’ll get a serious case of envy when the game is fully released and all of the cool stuff I want to do is on Youtube miles before I get the chance to. However, I am rather excited to see it work and look alright. The demo has a 30 minute timer, part of the whole map and a few missions for you to do. If you scour the net, you can find a hack to take the first two out, which I suggest you do, just for the sake of getting a chance to try everything out. All I care about is the fact that this demo is one of the few demos that we see in these times and it wasn’t botched up.

*My personal favourite pun from the original was ‘It must be that the name means that Rico is doing it just cause he can’. I heard that silence. Return to reading.

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