Left 2 Die?

With the computing deadline coming up quicker than a dog begging for the biscuits in your hand, Left 4 Dead 2 has been a fun distraction for when StRIFE (The actual project) has become a pain in the ass and I want to kill everything. Of course, a L4D2 match is the perfect thing to do to help save your sanity. As opposed to doing a post on how much I enjoyed playing a versus match last Friday, I’m just going to give a few pointers for those who may not have played it yet, or haven’t worked it out.

First of all, get a mic. You can get cheap ones for less than £10 at a local computer shop. The quality doesn’t need to be amazing, you just need a quick way of speaking to people in the middle of a fight. This is the one thing that I’ve found most interesting about the whole thing. Playing with friends who I know will almost always end up with a full group of people with a mic, sometimes with just one who doesn’t. Most of the time we survive. That hasn’t always gone as well in a randomer environment. Nobody uses their mic in that context. Even if you think you’ll sound strange, even if you think you’ll be bossing people about, get a mic and use it.

Secondly, be aware of what’s going on. Not only for the sounds that the infected give, but of what your teammates are doing. Yes, being shot by an automatic shotgun is not a good team move on the part of the shooter, but running forward past the people with them? That was even worse. There’s other things you should be watching out for as well: Someone going a different way to everyone else (If you’re behind them, follow them and tell the others you’re with them, or tell them to stick together), who has what weapon when trying to choose which one you’ll go for (Everyone else got a shotgun, and you pick one up too? Not smart. You need some sort of long range for when the smokers arrive) and such.

The third is to not be a dick. Seriously, don’t be the cock who runs ahead of everyone, complains when a hunter pounces on them, and screams about not being helped. Nobody likes you. Nobody will ever like you. So don’t be that person. Keep looking back, keep checking people are still with you. Nothing wrong with being a leader for a bit, but a lot wrong with just running ahead with no planning.

That sort of thing should be basic information. If you follow them, are a decent enough shot, and are damn lucky, then maybe, you’ll survive a campaign on hard, or maybe expert.

    • Andrew Scialpi-Sullivan
    • March 8th, 2010

    just leaving a (subtle) comment!!

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