Oh dear…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It looks to me as if some publisher has misunderstood the concept of games press release, and confused games with politics. Seriously guys, there’s a difference here. If you’re going to do a press release and tell us about your game, the stuff you do tell us, the stuff that is the whole point of the release should probably be clear. This follows the announcement by 2K about the DRM that comes with Bioshock 2. Now, I know I have the unwritten rule (I just giggled at that pun. Help) against writing about DRM. But the point here isn’t that Bioshock has DRM. It’s the fact that this press release has been done so badly.

It started with the fun release of this press release which gave people the chance to see what they were saying should be the minimum specs for playing it at a decent speed. I’ve promised myself that I won’t get mad. But the bulk of it (Which is made much more clear here) was talking about GFWL and SecuROM being part of the package. The red mist is starting to well up, so let’s skip ahead 24 hours. The community manager (I think that’s who it is. I have no real idea) then posted this the day after . Which was just confusing. Something about removing the 15 secuROM activations (Whoopie!) and adding in 15 activations for GFWL. Hang on, what?

Now, I’m not a mathematician here, but doesn’t 15=15? I really don’t understand what the difference between 15 secuROM activations and 15 GFWL activations is. I’m an idiot yes, but surely the people who boycott because of activations are still going to find that annoying? A person who I found by accident posted a thing all about their views (And gives much more information about the real anger if you care about the Bioshock situation). It’s not that I don’t like them announcing DRM (even though DRM = hate, [insert rant here]). It’s the cowardly way it’s been hidden behind complicated words.

I completly understand that when a game is developed, there are secrets that need to be kept. The DRM developers are planning on using however is like that naked woman chained to your bed. If you don’t tell your girlfriend about it, she’s probably going to slap you when she finds out. Well, if we don’t know what DRM you use, it becomes a shock when the day of installing begins. You can relate that back to the analogy about the naked woman if you want. Freak. If you decide to do a press release about the DRM you’ll be using, then you need to give something clear. In this example, they could’ve just done this:

To help protect this game from piracy, there will be the use of SecuROM and GFWL. SecuROM will check that your disk is authentic, and you will link the game to 15 GFWL profiles, allowing you to play online and save/load the game. This means you can install on as many machines as you like, but only 15 GFWL profiles can use it.

That to me seems like it makes much more sense than using a naked woman analogy to describe DRM, and it is much clearer too. If you want to announce the spyware DRM that will come with your game, tell us out in the open, instead of leaving us to colour in the blanks with a red pen when it should have been blue. We might actually start trusting you.

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