2009 again

I’ve been thinking about how little of 2009 I played. Most of what I played was in my list that was a few weeks ago, which makes me quite sad really. I missed out on an awful lot of 2009. Dragon Age didn’t show up until last week, L4D2 lies un-played. Does this make me a bad person? Seeing as I already was, probably not, no. However, I still slightly worry about the lack of new gaming I’ve done. Am I running the games industry into the ground? Are there poor programmers out at EA who are currently crying at the fact that there isn’t a poor blogger not playing the latest game from them? Again, I highly doubt that. Was 2009 just a bad year for gaming? Or was it something else?

I only chose this image because it sparkled. I love being a child inside.

I’d go with something else. Bet you couldn’t see that coming. There were plenty of great games in 2009. Dragon Age has been almost universally acclaimed, Plants Vs Zombies is taking non-gamers by storm, most people seem to like the multiplayer part of CoD and there are tons of others which escape my memory with the use of flash bangs and smoke grenades. Yet mostly I stuck with the old(er) games, like Hitman (Which I criminally left off my list), Giants and Team Fortress 2 (I did say older). A lot of the current games seem like wastes of time to me, mostly the same old formula (*cough*Modern Warfare*cough*) replayed over and over again.

I remember my old English teacher from High School telling the class about how one of his old pupils had started to listen to 80’s music to get away from the formulaic crap that pollutes our airwaves at the moment. I feel that I can’t enjoy the same game with a different skin like I can’t listen to the same X Factor crap every year. Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 feel like the same game, and I wonder whether as gaming becomes more of mainstream activity, it falls into the mainstream cloud and becomes the same thing over and over again. The idea of that repulses me.

Without getting all righteous, I think it might not be a good thing that I’ve bought precious little this year. It might just be the formulaic idea. But it might be that my money and time has got smaller this year. However, even so, I still think about the fact that I’ve not bought much this year as a show that I didn’t see any of them as worthwhile. A game is an investment into fun isn’t it? We play games to have fun don’t we? We pay that £30 and play for the great couple hours of distraction that it brings. However, now I want to be more savvy about my spending. If it isn’t going to be almost certain to be a good time, then I don’t think about getting it, hence my purchases of older games this year.

I don’t believe that gamers should have to play the same game reskinned. I don’t want someone to just copy Project Snowblind and give it a HD resolution. PCGAMER said in their podcast that they want someone to remake Deus Ex in a new engine – I don’t. It’ll never have that same charm. Also, what’d be the point of buying that game. I’m glad that my brother bought CoD instead of me: He wasted his money. I don’t see the pont in paying for remakes, since you already have the original (I can only think of 1 exception, which is Portal being a remake of Narbacular Drop, which although fun, Portal was much better). Don’t pay for remakes. That seems to me like it’s a nominal solution. I also don’t believe that games should be rubbish. But then, developers shouldn’t make a game and hope it to be rubbish. I also hope that that developers don’t want to make the same game over and over again, since surely that’d be boring.

2009 had some great games, yet still I missed a fair few. But I still hope to be playing the greats of 2009 again. I’ll just have the added advantage of only paying a third of the price everyone else paid.

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